Online trading

The future of trading at your fingertips

Macquarie Online Trading

  • A simple, powerful platform for trading ASX-listed securities and ETFs
  • Trade from $19.95
  • Manage your trading needs with one integrated solution linked to Macquarie’s award-winning Cash Management Account (CMA)
  • Earn competitive interest on your Macquarie CMA balance
  • Mobile optimised trading platform

Macquarie Prime

  • Borrow to invest in over 750 ASX-listed securities
  • Earn 2.50% pa* on positive cash balance and borrow to invest from just 7.70% pa*
  • Access powerful risk management tools, such as GSLs and hedging products
  • Trade shares, CFDs and ETFs on one integrated platform


Futures trading

  • Extensive range of dealing and information systems including CQG, PATS, IRESS and Trading Technologies
  • Full service and back up of a 24 hour Australia based dealing desk
  • Trade local and international futures
  • Access to exclusive Macquarie Research and reports
  • Flexibility to trade online or over the phone.


Margin FX

  • MFX Trader is a web-based platform, which enables you to access your account anywhere online using your secure login details. 
  • Trade margin FX based on your selected currency pairs and implement trading strategies through our online platform and dedicated dealing desk. 
  • Open an online demonstration account to familiarise yourself with forex trading and the MFX Trader online platform.


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