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Features and benefits

Macquarie Prime is a single, completely integrated online platform for both active traders and longer term investors, which combines online trading, lending, research, risk management and cash.

Key benefits

  • Trade shares and CFDs on one integrated platform
  • Access lending from 7.70% pa*
  • Earn 2.50% pa* with an integrated cash account
  • Access Macquarie strategy research, opinion and analysis plus company information from Morningstar, including buy/sell/hold recommendations#
  • Manage all your investments with one platform and one password
  • Flexible gearing levels from 0-95% available


More information

At a glance

Securities available
  • Buy and sell more than 2,000 ASX-listed securities including shares, CFDs and ETFs.
  • Borrow to invest in over 750 ASX-listed securities.
Gearing levels Flexible gearing levels from 0-95% available.
Protection Access powerful risk management tools, such as GSLs and hedging products.
Initial minimum cash deposit  Initial minimum cash deposit required to open an account is $5,000.
Fees and costs
  • No account keeping or transactions fees.
  • Trade from as little as $19.95 per trade^.
  • Interest is calculated daily on a variable rate and is payable or receivable monthly in arrears.
  • Earn 2.50% pa* on positive cash balance and borrow to invest from just 7.70% pa* (variable rate).
Government Guarantee The Macquarie Prime Account is Government Guaranteed.
Tax Potential to prepay interest.


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