There are some changes coming to online applications that we need to tell you about. These changes won’t impact your clients, but they will change the way you and your staff complete the online application for Super and Pension clients.

What do I need to know?  

When completing an online application for a Super or Pension account, you can currently choose to complete a rollover via SuperStream by simply selecting ‘Yes’ and entering your client’s external super fund details.

From 20 March 2020, we need to add an enhanced security step to the process, to ensure that only authorised parties are:

  1. viewing details of your client’s external super fund, and
  2. giving us the authority to send the SuperStream message to the external super fund.

What’s changing?

For Super and Pension online applications where you or your staff have answered ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Would you like to complete a rollover via SuperStream?’, the following will happen:

  1. you’ll finish inputting the client and product information into the application, like normal
  2. once you’ve input the product information, an email with a unique authentication code is triggered and sent to the email address linked to your Macquarie ID
  3. when you’re ready to submit the application, enter the authentication code into the ‘Authenticate Adviser’ section in Stage 7
  4. you’ll then be free to submit the application to us for processing.

Need help?

We’ve created several Adviser Help Centre articles to help you manage this change with your office.