We understand that you and your business are going through a challenging and uncertain period due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19). You also might not have access to your usual network to help with your day to day role using the Macquarie Wrap Platform.

So, we’ve put together a helpful guide based on some of the more common queries we’ve received to make it easier for you during this time.

How long does it take to process an application?       

Checking the progress of an application or administration task is easy thanks to Request Centre. You can upload completed forms and see that your requests have been received and processed by us. After submitting an application via email or post, it will appear in Request Centre where you can then track its progress. You’ll also see if we need further information from you.

Once you’ve uploaded a completed form in Request Centre and submitted the request, you’ll see an on-screen confirmation.

You can see a detailed breakdown of the expected timeframe for a request in the Request Centre Guide. This includes the turnaround time and cut off times for fully submitted forms including applications, payments, asset transfers, and account maintenance.

For Cash Management Account applications, you can track the progress via Macquarie Access. We recommend submitting your applications using our Online Application as it allows us to electronically verify your client’s identity. This avoids the need for FSC forms or certified IDs which may be difficult to obtain during this period.

Paper applications are currently experiencing delays due to the increased volume during the COVID-19 period. However, we’re processing our online applications within our expected timeframes.

For more information about Request Centre, see What is Request Centre?

How can I make payments for my client including pension payments?      

Depending on what type of account your client has, you have several options for making payments in Adviser Online. This includes:

Alternatively, if your clients hold a Macquarie Cash Management Account; a Macquarie Investment Manager account; and/or a Macquarie Investment Consolidator account, they can make payments online via Macquarie Online Banking. They can do this by logging on to Macquarie.com/personal

For more information about making payments, search for the Payments category on Adviser Help Centre.

How can I run a report on a client’s account or across all client accounts?

You can run a report across all your clients in Adviser Online. This allows you to quickly gather information about your clients, generate adviser reports, and view investment summaries.

You can access this functionality through the Client & adviser reporting option in the main menu of Adviser Online. For a more detailed guide, please see How can I run a report which goes across all my clients’ accounts?

To find information about a single client, you can check their Portfolio Valuation or view their detailed reporting section by searching for their name or account number in the global search bar of Adviser Online.

For more information about running reports, please see the Reporting subcategory on Adviser Help Centre.

What are the turnaround times for managed fund sell-downs?

The turnaround time for a managed fund is dependent on how regularly they’re priced. Assets generally fall into three categories:

  • Daily priced
  • Non-daily priced
  • Suspended / terminating accounts.

You can find information about these funds and estimated turnaround times in Adviser Online and Adviser Tools & resources.

See What’s the expected time frame when trading on assets? to learn more about these types of funds and the steps you can take to see the turnaround time.

How can I transfer assets on and off the platform?

You can transfer assets into and out of your clients account. You’ll need to sign a form depending on the type of asset and the direction of the transfer. Your client will also need to complete and sign a specific transfer form. You can read more about the process by searching for transfer assets on Adviser Help Centre.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19 and how it will impact my clients?

We’ve developed a coronavirus support hub to help your clients with everything they need to know to stay up to date. If your client is a personal banking client of Macquarie and they need immediate financial assistance, they can complete an online form on this page.

If COVID-19 has impacted you and your business, please visit our adviser centred coronavirus support hub at https://www.macquarie.com/au/advisers/coronavirus. You can also get in touch to discuss your situation and how we can provide ongoing support during this time.

You can also visit the Federal Governments site or download the official “Coronavirus Australia” app to give you the latest coronavirus news and updates. This page holds factsheets about the temporary early release of superannuation and reduction in pension minimums as well as other economic responses to COVID-19.

New Updates

We’re committed to supporting our members through this challenging and uncertain period. We’ll keep you regularly updated with any changes that could affect you or your clients. Please check recent News Stories and any emails from us in case it has information that could help you.

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