In addition to the suite of digital solutions we currently offer to help you and your clients manage requests, we’re now also supporting DocuSign® signatures. 

Find out which forms can be signed using DocuSign here

What you need to provide when you use DocuSign® to electronically sign our forms and applications:

  1. electronically signed form 

  2. certificate of completion issued by DocuSign®

  3. the form and certificate as listed above to be sent from the client’s or your (adviser) email address (or uploaded via our portals).

Documents which can be used through DocuSign®

Most forms can now use DocuSign® but some forms or processes may still require traditional signatures. These documents usually require witnessing, certification* or have other parties which rely on them. The attached document sets out our digital solutions and any exceptions to consider if using DocuSign®.

Our existing digital solutions are here to help 

Although more requests can be authorised through DocuSign® , please note we have a number of existing processes that can be digitally authorised online.

  • Online Cash and Wrap application forms can be completed and authorised online. By submitting application forms online, this reduces processing times and follow-ups.

  • Complete cash withdrawals online if you have transactional authority on your clients’ accounts. If you don’t have transactional authority, Adviser Initiated Payments (AIP) can help with approving and implementing client instructions to withdraw. Read more via our Help Centre here.

Need help?

We provide a number of methods that enable digital instructions to be sent and our Help Centre provides more information on these options.

We understand that there may be some scenarios that require alternative solutions, please contact your Relationship Manager to ensure we can discuss further options with you. Where we can help, instructions may require a call back to the registered number we hold for the client (or authoriser where this isn’t the client) to verify the authenticity of the request which may result in delays.