30 June is getting closer and some key processing dates are just around the corner.

Please view the June processing cut-off calendar to ensure you don’t miss a deadline. We’ve also created a video on EOFY with tips and suggestions to help you and your clients through this time.

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Upcoming tasks

There are some important recurring EOFY related tasks that may affect you and your clients. Some of these tasks have cut-offs that are fast approaching. These tasks are:

  • Adviser changes – 19 June
  • Deposits and contributions (EFT, BPAY) – 23 June
  • Direct debit requests – 23 June
  • Withdrawals and rollovers – 24 June
  • 2018/19 FY deduction notices for personal contributions – 24 June
  • Deposits and contributions (Cheque) – 25 June
  • New account applications – 25 June

What else is happening soon?

We encourage you to set a reminder for the above tasks if they affect you or your clients.

Manage your applications quickly and securely with Request Centre

Request Centre lets you submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way. You and your staff can upload completed forms, receive immediate receipts, check the status of your requests and supply outstanding requirements. All through one central location.

Use Request Centre today by logging into Adviser Online.

If you’d like to learn more about Request Centre, view this article or read the Request Centre User Guide.

Cash withdrawals from clients’ accounts

EFT and BPAY via our digital banking tools

Did you know your clients can transfer money and pay bills any time using Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or BPAY rather than sending us a manual form?

It’s a fast and secure way for your clients to make payments online via Macquarie online banking or the Macquarie Mobile Banking app. Read how they can here.

Keep in control with Adviser Initiated Payments (AIP)

If your client prefers you to complete transfers on their behalf from their cash account, you can use AIP.

Why use AIP

  • AIP saves you time and gives you and your client more control when making client instructed cash payments.
  • It simplifies the consent process for your client when making transactions.
  • You can even set up or amend a scheduled or recurring payment.

No daily transfer limit with AIP

To avoid daily transfer limits via EFT, you can nominate accounts which allows you and your client to complete online transactions quickly and efficiently.

Once set up, you can transfer to the nominated account with no daily limit.

Need help?

View our EOFY tips and learn about some common traps to help you manage the busy EOFY period.

For more information, just search ‘EOFY’ in Adviser Help Centre.