We hope you had a smooth run into end of financial year. As we look towards a new year, we wanted to share some exciting ways we’re simplifying our cash accounts (effective 1 July 2021).


What’s changing?


Effective 1 July 2021, we’re removing the following fees from the Wrap Invest Cash Account:

  • Bank cheque fee
  • Audit letter fee
  • Transaction investigation fee.


Which account are impacted?


We’ve removed the above fees from the below cash products:

  • Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA)
  • Macquarie Wrap Cash Account
  • Macquarie Consolidator Cash Account
  • Macquarie Vision Cash Account


Where can I learn more?


The Product Information Statement (PIS) was updated in May 2021 to reflect the removal of these fees.

As part of this update to the PIS, we also removed the special clearance of cheques as well as revised some of the terms and conditions.

Visit the below links and click on Product Information to view the relevant PIS and read about these changes.


Need help?


Please visit Adviser Help Centre.