We’re getting in touch to remind you that tax elections close 5pm (Sydney time) 7 July 2020.

These elections allow you to make choices about CGT reporting for your clients’ tax reports.

Making a tax election

If you want to change your client’s tax election, you can do that through your adviser site. Remember that you can only make these changes to tax elections before the tax election window closes on 7 July.

For more information about making a tax election see the tax elections 2020 flyer.

Online only tax reports

As part of our digital approach for all our products and services, tax reports are available online only, creating a more efficient and secure experience for your clients. Please ensure that your clients’ email addresses are up to date so that we can let them know when their tax report is available.

Your clients can update their email by calling us.

Need help?

If you’d like more information you can visit the Tax and EOFY Toolkit or get in touch with us.