A smart, streamline solution for opening an account

Our online application process handling time is generally around 24 hours – reducing the wait time for you and your clients.

Which accounts can be opened using this tool?

  • Cash Management Account (CMA)
  • Cash Management Accelerator Account (CMAA) 

Benefits of opening a new account online

  1. A simpler identification process - it’s all online so you don’t need to provide an FSC form or certified ID which may be difficult during this time.
  2. Defaults saved –completing your application is faster as you won’t need to complete every field, every time.
  3. Prepopulated and validated fields – less work, less errors and less follow-ups.
  4. Quick and efficient – you can open an account in minutes

Online authorisation

With online applications, your clients won’t need to provide their signature and instead, will be able to accept their applications via email.

Your clients will be sent an email to view and electronically authorise the account to be opened. If they choose to sign for the key elements of the account application, you’ll be able to complete the application on their behalf.

You’ll also be able to track which clients have authorised their applications, as well as re-submit applications through the Cash Online Application tool.

Need help?

If you’d like more information with opening an account online, please visit our Help Centre.