Where a customer is required to provide a certified copy of identification (ID), the ID documents must have been certified within the last 12 months at the time of acceptance by us*.  

There are no changes to who can certify or how ID documents can be certified. See below for a quick refresher on certification requirements.

* Grow Wrap reserves the right to request further documentation

How to certify ID documents:

  • ID documents must be valid and not expired, unless the document is an Australian Passport that has not been expired for two years or more 

  • A customer cannot certify their own documents, certification must be independent (i.e. not the same person or related person).

  • The certification needs to be on the same page as the ID 

Certification of ID documents must include the following:

  • Certifier’s name

  • Certifier’s signature

  • Certifier’s title/capacity to certify

  • Date

The certified copy must include a certification statement. The suggested wording is “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document which I have sighted”.

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