Read about our Accelerator account for investment wrap accounts, improvements to Request Centre, AIP and more in this edition of Digital Download.

We’re dedicated to improving the platform and products you and your clients use. This month, we’ve introduced some key updates to our cash suite, including the launch of the Accelerator account on Wrap. There are also improvements to Adviser Online, Request Centre and a new page providing key product information for one of our newest products – Macquarie Consolidator II – Engage.

Read more to find out about this month’s highlights.  

What's new?

Cash Management Accelerator account (Accelerator account) now available for investment wrap accounts

You now have the option to open an Accelerator account when opening your clients’ Wrap Investment account*. By doing this, clients can benefit from a higher* cash interest rate compared to their existing investment wrap cash hub interest rate. 

*current rate of 0.90% pa (variable rate subject to change)

For your new clients, when you open an IDPS account, you’ll be provided the option to apply for an Accelerator account at the same time. If you have existing IDPS clients, you can open a new Accelerator account through Adviser Online.. 

Request Centre enhancements 

We’ve made a number of improvements to Request Centre. These include:

  • New modal for creating and submitting a new request
  • New ‘Cash applications’ request type so you can upload cash applications
  • You can now search requests by adviser and sort within the request table
  • Updates to status tracking and other messages and labels to make things clearer to you around where each request is up to. 

Are you using Request Centre?

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way.

Adviser Initiated Payment (AIP) payment statuses are now clearer

We’ve updated AIP page names to better reflect the status of the payment. The pages were all previously called ‘make a payment’. We’ve heard your feedback, and these have now been updated to: Make a payment, Send SMS code, Verify SMS code, Authorise payment and Payment summary. We have also moved some of the buttons on the AIP payment pages to make these easier to find.

Cash Management Account (CMA) application uplift

You can now start an online or Print, Sign and Email (PSE) application, input mandatory information (e.g. name and DOB), save the application and be provided with the account number immediately. 

When you resume the saved application, it will be an online/PSE application rather than a paper application. Previously, you’d complete the application and it would only be saved as either a PSE or paper application.

Electronic Verification (EV) for PSE applications (excluding trusts)

PSE applications will now be sent through EV, reducing the amount of identification (ID) forms you need to fill in. This process will also improve application processing times so you can receive finalised applications faster. 

Access product factsheets and fund reports for Macquarie Consolidator II – Engage

We’ve created a dedicated page to access important product information, such as recent performance reports and commentary for the SMAs held in Macquarie Consolidator II – Engage portfolios.

Engage is a cost-effective solution with a limited menu of products. It’s designed to suit clients with less complex investment needs.

More fixes to the portal and online reporting

We’ve released a number of fixes and minor enhancements to improve the user experience in Adviser Online. These include:

  • The BPAY biller code and name are now appearing on scheduled payments.
  • The download function for the contributions page is now working as expected.
  • We’ve continued to improve the filtering functionality on the wrap groups page to make this more intuitive.

Adviser Online enhancements coming soon

A new Wrap group fee summary tab

You will be shown a new tab on Adviser Online for your ‘grouped’ wrap accounts under ‘Group Fee Summary’. You will only be shown this tab if you charge admin or adviser fees.

New look and feel for Product Updates and Investment Updates on Adviser Online

We’ve redesigned the look and feel of Product Updates and Investment Updates in Adviser Online.  

As part of this enhancement, we’ve relocated the Investment Menu button which will be located in the top right hand corner of the homepage.

A refreshed look for our ‘Contact Us’ options

You’ll be presented tiled ‘cards’ that contain contact details for different areas of Macquarie Bank and for the products and solutions you use. 

Manage Payments uplift 

In our Manage Payments uplift, we’re refreshing the filtering, pending authorised payments and completed payments. You’ll also be able to click on specific payments to see a payment status (e.g. awaiting verification). 

We've added more managed funds for you to choose from

Your choice of funds and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New Managed funds (August 2020)

ASI Global Smaller Companies Fund

EQI7232AU **

CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund

CHN8862AU **

Eiger Australian Small Companies Fund

HOW2967AU **

Ophir Global Opportunities Fund

OPH2093AU **

Realm Short Term Income Fund

OMF3725AU **

Bombora Special Investments Growth Fund (IM)

BIM8414AU - Super SMA only (already on IDPS)

Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond Index Fund (Hedged)

VAN9309AU *


New Wholesale Managed Funds (IM)

Spire Oaktree Opportunities Fund XI (AUD) First Close (IM)



Fund like securities

BetaShares Global Qlty Leaders ETF Hedgd


*IDPS only
**IDPS and Super/Pension

Adviser Help Centre: your one-stop-shop for common questions and answers

Adviser Help Centre now has more than 650 articles, covering a range of topics we know you and your staff often need help with. In the past month, we’ve added 33 new articles and counting. We’ll continue to add more based on your feedback and common questions we’re receiving.  

Request Centre

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way. It’s ready for you and your staff to submit new requests via Adviser Online.

Need help?

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information regarding any of these updates.

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