Welcome to the last Digital Download of 2021. This has been another significant year in our platform development journey to bring you an enhanced digital experience and deliver improvements that help you meet more of your clients’ needs via our product solutions and platform capabilities.

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening. In response to your feedback, here are some of the key enhancements we’ve made in 2021.

  • Added 90 new SMAs for you to choose from – increasing investment possibilities for your clients – including launching six new sustainability SMAs for the Macquarie Consolidator II – Engage investment menu.
  • Introduced ESG ratings to our Investment Menu – making it easier for you to make informed investment recommendations
  • Increased the daily ‘Pay anyone’ transfer limit from $20k to $100k for clients who have downloaded the Macquarie Authenticator app – so your clients can move more of their money more easily. We also turned on the ability for advisers to use the Macquarie Authenticator app to verify certain actions they perform on Adviser Online.
  • Launched our new Digital Fee Form available via Adviser Online. We built this tool to help you easily manage the new legislative requirements to obtain client consent for some of the advice fees you charge to your Wrap clients.
  • Enhanced the 'manage payments' page in Adviser Online and improved the features on Request Centre to help you record and keep track of the requests you've submitted.
  • Introduced a new fee profile page providing a detailed breakdown of a client’s adviser fee arrangement and introduced a new fee statement report, both available in Adviser Online.
  • Enhanced the online reporting capability in Adviser Online, including uplifts to Performance Reporting, Super and Pension details, Wrap Investment transactions and Security and Portfolio performance reporting
  • Expanded our digital consent options to include OneSpan and IRESS, in addition to DocuSign, AdobeSign, CongaSign to provide even greater choice. 
  • Reduced the need for paper forms on some key tasks you often perform, including Direct Deposit Facility set up and changes, managing your client’s Tax File Number (TFN), and initiating ad hoc pension payments via Adviser Online (this last one has just been released – more information further below!).
  • Migrated our Macquarie Wrap and Macquarie CMA back-end services to the Cloud to help deliver improved platform performance, resilience, and security. This was a significant step towards unlocking all the other benefits that will come with a cloud-based platform solution in 2022 and beyond.

There are more enhancements on the way next year and we’ll be in touch again in February 2022 to tell you more about what’s new and what’s coming soon.

Michelle Weber
Head of Wealth Product & Technology

What's new 

Submit ad-hoc pension payments and withdrawals via Adviser Online 

You can now submit ad hoc pension payments and lump sum withdrawals up to $30k through Adviser Online without a client signature. Payments will be paid directly into your client’s bank account which is currently set up to receive regular pension payments. 

As part of this new process, the request will show in Request Centre for tracking and payments will typically be made within three business days.

Morningstar profiles now available on Adviser Online

We recently replaced the Product Snapshot service provided by Lonsec, located in the Wholesale Fund Information screen with Morningstar profiles. You can access these via ‘Target Market Determinations’ under ‘Tools’ on Adviser Online.

What's next?

Improving our online application experience to reduce follow-ups and enhance security

We’re uplifting our Electronic Verification (EV) requirements to incorporate Driver’s Licence and Passport from our online Cash Management Application (CMA) application.

Helpful Resources

Top three searched Adviser Help Centre articles

Adviser Help Centre now has close to 900 articles, covering a range of commonly asked questions about various topics. The top three trending articles viewed last month were:

  1. What are the different types of signatures?
  2. What is conduit foreign income?
  3. What is the Consolidator II – Elevate Investment Menu?

Recently added Adviser Help Centre articles

  1. How long after I initiate an online pension withdrawal will it take for my client to receive the funds?
  2. How much can I withdraw on behalf of my clients when completing an online pension withdrawal?
  3. Can I initiate an online payment to my clients from their Pension account?

Monthly tips and tricks

Helping you keep your client’s contact details up-to-date

Ensuring your client’s contact details are up-to-date and accurate is important to ensure we can verify requests quickly and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity on their account. Your client’s contact details can be updated by:

  • Phone - Your client can call us, and we’ll identify them over the phone and update their details
  • Online - Your client can log into Macquarie Online Banking an update their details online
  • Request Centre – You can upload a completed Change of Account Details form to Request Centre.
  • Adviser Online – If your client uses Macquarie Wrap, you can also update your client’s contact details through Adviser Online.

You can read more information about these options via our Help Centre article ‘How can I update client contact details?’ . Your clients can also find this information via our Help Centre article ‘How do I view or update my contact details?'.

We've added more managed investments for you to choose from

The choice of managed investments and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New Managed investments (1 December 2021)

Fund name  APIR Code

Ausbil Long Short Focus Fund **


Lennox Australian Microcap Fund **


Munro Concentrated Growth Fund - Class A units**


Insync Global Quality Allocation Fund **


MA Priority Income Fund**


Pendal Global Select Class R**


Firetrail Australian Small Companies Fund - Class M*^


Robeco Multi Factor Equity Alpha Fund (AUD) Hedged**


Spire Multifamily Growth and Income Fund Founders (AUD) Hedged Class**


Vanguard Ethically Conscious International Shares Fund (hedged)**



Fund like securities**

Fund name  APIR Code

Crypto Innovators ETF


*IDPS only
**IDPS and Super/Pension
^ Restricted to Vision

Watch and learn our videos on Help Centre 

We’ve created a help centre article, ‘How do I use Adviser Online?’ which contains all of our training videos to help you use Adviser Online and perform common admin functions on our platform for your clients.

We now have a total of 40 videos available.

Request Centre

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way. It’s ready for you and your staff to submit new requests via Adviser Online.

Need help?

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information regarding any of these updates.

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