2022 will be another significant year in our platform development journey. We’re committed to delivering an enhanced digital experience to help you meet more of your clients’ needs via our product solutions and platform capabilities.

Here's a snapshot of what you can expect in 2022:

Adviser Online enhancements:

  • Initiate pension payments directly within Adviser Online with the removal of paper forms.
  • Everything you need for your Wrap and Cash accounts all on the one page – in our new Wrap and Cash account overview page which will present information at the account level.
  • Updated Term Deposit maturity instructions on Adviser Online.
  • You’ll be able to do more, in less clicks by managing your clients’ payees and billers without navigating into the payment flow.

Digital enhancements:

  • We’re creating an improved digital experience by proactively informing you of upcoming fee arrangements that are due to expire to help you comply with advice fee consent.
  • Receive real-time notifications from Request Centre.

Product enhancements:

  • Introducing fortnightly pension payments, giving you and your clients greater payment flexibility.
  • Instant payments into a client's CMA when funds are transferred from any client account into their Macquarie CMA. This means you’ll be able to invest available CMA funds as soon as they’re transferred, you’ll also be able to top up insufficient funds instantly on behalf of your client.
  • Adding Income SMAs to our product suite to make it easier for you to meet your client’s needs for investments that deliver yield.

As you can see, we have a lot of enhancements on our agenda this year. We look forward to working with you in 2022 and beyond.

Michelle Weber
Head of Wealth Product & Technology

What's new

View more details in one central location for your clients Wrap accounts on Adviser Online 

We’ve launched a new and improved landing page on Adviser Online, our Wrap Account Overview. On this page you’ll be able to see a single view of your client’s latest transactions, balance history and real-time asset allocations.

Key features to look out for include:  

  • Last five transactions: a summary of the latest cash and investment transactions.
  • Enhanced balance history: an improved representation of account balances over a selected period.
  • New asset allocation chart: providing historic and real-time allocations.
  • Asset allocation download: you can now download a CSV version of the asset allocation data.
  • Portfolio overview print: a new print experience of the portfolio overview with the balance history graph and asset allocation chart. 

Making it easier for you to navigate Adviser Online

You may have noticed some recent design improvements that make it easier for you to navigate Adviser Online. Some of these enhancements include additional download options for transactions, clearer descriptions of the fee breakdowns for Wrap accounts and additional images that help explain the functionality on the ‘My security’ page.

A faster and safer way for completing your client’s address in our online CMA application

We’ve uplifted our CMA online applications to include address pre-population. This means that when you start typing your client’s address on an online application, several options will appear, and you’ll be prompted to select the correct address from our list. This change will reduce errors and follow ups and improve the online experience.

What's next?

Your clients will soon receive payments instantly in their Cash account

From 8 March, clients will be able to receive real-time incoming payments on all Cash Accounts via the New Payment Platform (NPP). NPP is a complimentary service enabling clients to receive real-time payments directly into their account simply by providing the BSB & Account Number to the payer. This is the first stage of our NPP launch; however, we’ll be rolling out additional functionality later in the year, including the ability to send real time payments.

Proforma CMAs no longer accepting deposits

Towards the end of March, we’ll no longer be able to accept deposits into CMAs before the account is fully opened (i.e. in Proforma status). This means that you and your clients won’t be able to deposit funds into CMAs until the application has finalised. The reason for this change is because we’ve received updated guidance from the ATO which we must follow for FATCA & CRS purposes.

Helping protect you and your clients with additional security details in our CMA online application

In March, we’ll request for a client’s driver’s licence or passport details as part of the CMA online application. We’re collecting this additional information to further protect you and your clients and to prevent fraud. For clients who already hold a CMA account with us, there is no action required. This change will only apply for new online CMA applications.

New clients can provide either their Australian driver’s licence number and state of issue or their Australian passport number. If a new client doesn’t have a valid driver’s licence or passport (i.e. if it has expired) they will be able to select that they do not have a valid form of ID. The client will then be sent an email with the additional information required to open a CMA.   

Visit our Cash Management Solutions product page for more information about CMAs. You can also visit our online portal to make a CMA application on behalf of your client.

Helpful Resources

Top three searched Adviser Help Centre articles

Adviser Help Centre now has over 800 articles, covering a range of commonly asked questions about various topics. The top three trending articles viewed last month were:

  1. What do I need to provide to open an account for a minor?
  2. What are the different types of signatures?
  3. How can my client add funds into their account (including rollovers and contributions)?

Recently added Adviser Help Centre articles

  1. Launching real-time payments on the Cash Management Account
  2. How does my client accept the emailed version of the Digital Fee Form?
  3. How long after I initiate an online pension withdrawal will it take for my client to receive the funds?

Monthly tips and tricks: Helping you with your clients’ online pension withdrawals

We recently published an article on Adviser Help Centre about the timings around online pension withdrawals and how long it takes for your clients to receive the funds. To help you and your clients, we’ve listed three key things to consider when making an online pension withdrawal:

  • Generally, clients will receive the funds in one to three business days, so long as there is enough available cash in the account to make the payment.
  • Occasionally the amount of available cash at the time of the request may be higher than when we attempt to make the payment. This could happen if an investment trade is placed around the time of the payment request.
  • We recommend not placing any trade if you intend to initiate these payments to avoid any delays. 

For more information view our Help Centre article: How long after I initiate an online pension withdrawal will it take for my client to receive the funds?

Watch and learn our videos on Help Centre

We’ve created a help centre article, ‘How do I use Adviser Online?’ which contains all of our training videos to help you use Adviser Online and perform common admin functions on our platform for your clients. We now have over 40 videos available.

Request Centre

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier, and more secure way. It’s ready for you and your staff to submit new requests via Adviser Online.

Need help?

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information on any of these updates.

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