You can now use Macquarie Authenticator to verify certain tasks on Adviser Online. This is just the start of how we’ll be enabling your clients to authorise certain actions and transactions you submit on their behalf next year.

We're also upgrading some Cash Management Account systems this weekend, which is an exciting and important upgrade that forms part of our ongoing commitment to continually enhancing our platform technology and will provide improved platform stability. Learn more below. 

We're upgrading some Cash Management Account systems this weekend


There is a planned system upgrade set to occur on Saturday 4 December and Sunday 5 December.


During this weekend, some Cash and Wrap functions including cash online applications, payments, portfolio transacting, online reporting and account balance information will be temporarily unavailable. Your clients may also have some interruption to their online Cash and Wrap services during this time.

Please try to avoid logging into the adviser portal over this weekend, as your online experience may be disrupted. 

Migrating our Cash Management Accounts to the Cloud - Why this upgrade is important 

This is an exciting and important upgrade that forms part of our ongoing commitment to continually enhancing our platform technology and will provide improved platform stability. Similar to when we migrated our Wrap platform to the Cloud in August, upgrades like this one help to deliver improved platform performance, resilience, and security, and is a significant step towards unlocking all the other benefits that will come with a Cloud-based platform solution. 

There is a planned system upgrade set to occur on Saturday 4 December and Sunday 5 December.

What's new 

Helping you and your clients stay secure with Macquarie Authenticator

Macquarie Authenticator is a digital app we’ve built to replace SMS with a more secure digital method of transaction instruction verification. It helps provide enhanced protection to your client’s account and personal information.

You can also watch the video below to see how it works or read our article online here to learn more.

Verify your password updates and ESI credentials with Macquarie Authenticator

You can now use Macquarie Authenticator to verify your Adviser Online password updates and for External Systems Interface (ESI) credential generation instead of SMS.
Download Macquarie Authenticator here

New videos to help you manage Macquarie Authenticator

We’ve created five new videos to help you download, navigate, and use Macquarie Authenticator’s features. You can watch the videos linked below to find out how to:

  1. Download Macquarie Authenticator via a QR code from the Adviser Online homepage
  2. Download Macquarie Authenticator via a QR code from ‘My security’ in Adviser Online
  3. Generate your ESI credentials within Adviser Online
  4. Reset your password when selecting ‘Forgotten password’ when trying to log into Adviser Online
  5. Approve payments being transferred from the Macquarie Mobile Banking app.

We’ve removed *all fees across our Cash accounts

Effective 19 November 2021, we removed the RTGS fee, cheque book fee and international transfer fee for transfers in AUD from the following products:

  • Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA)
  • Macquarie Wrap (and badged) Cash Account
  • Macquarie Consolidator Cash Account

Clients can request all CMA related services without being charged a fee for these requests and we’ve updated our CMA account fees table to reflect the removal of these fees. View this online here.

*Please note there may be other wrap fees incurred on wrap cash accounts.

New Cash and Term Deposit transactions listing in Adviser Online

You’ll now experience a new look and feel when accessing the Cash and Term Deposit transactions screen. Go check it out today and let us know what you think by submitting feedback direct to us in the Feedback pop-up on Adviser Online.

View, print and download fees directly from your client’s Fee Statement on Adviser Online

We’ve updated your client’s Fee Statement so you can now easily view, print, and download the fees accrued on your client's account (in dollar values), across different fee categories with a monthly breakdown view, deducted date and details about the product issuer rebates credited for the period selected.

More information when you download your Accounts list

When you download the Accounts list from Adviser Online, the CSV file will now present additional information including product description, brand (where applicable) and account status.

Receive real-time notifications from Request Centre

When you submit a request via Request Centre, you’ll now receive real-time notifications to inform you of when a request has been received and completed.

A quick and easy way to access Digital Portfolio Manager (DPM)

You can now access Digital Portfolio Manager (DPM), directly via Adviser Online. Simply navigate to Go to > Digital Portfolio Manager and a new tab will open where you will be automatically signed in, landing on the Accounts page in DPM. 

What's next?

Soon you’ll be able to submit ad-hoc pension payments and withdrawals via Adviser Online

We’ve heard your feedback to digitise this process and give you more control and flexibility with initiating pension payments for your clients.

From December, you’ll be able to submit ad hoc pension payments and lump sum withdrawals up to $30k via Adviser Online without a client signature.

Payments will be paid directly into your client’s nominated bank account which is currently set up to receive regular pension payments. As part of this new process, the request will also show in Request Centre for tracking. Payments will typically be made within three business days.

We have provided a Product Update for this new feature, which is available at This Product Update should be provided to new clients along with the Product Disclosure Statement.

When this feature becomes available, you will be informed when you login to Adviser Online. Before using this on behalf of your clients, you should inform them of the changes (via the Product Update) and obtain the relevant consent for your records.

Improving our online application experience to reduce follow-ups and enhance security

We’re removing the Application Management section from our online Cash Management Application (CMA) application with new features to improve your client’s experience with receiving the approval email. 

Helpful Resources

Top three searched Adviser Help Centre articles

Adviser Help Centre now has close to 900 articles, covering a range of commonly asked questions about various topics. The top three trending articles viewed last month were:

  1. Can you accept in-specie transfer of assets into clients’ superannuation/pension accounts? How do you do it?
  2. Do you have previous tax years’ resources for Macquarie Wrap?
  3. How can a client nominate a beneficiary? 

Recently added Adviser Help Centre articles

  1. How do I complete a Third Party Authority form to be appointed on my client's Cash Management Account?
  2. When do I have to use the Digital Fee From?
  3. What services can advisers provide clients for a fee? 

Monthly tips and tricks

Things you need to know before you submit a request

We’ve recently published an article ‘When will my request be completed’ on Adviser Help Centre. You can read this article online here.

In this article, we’ve provided important information to ensure your request can be processed as quickly as possible and to help you understand turnaround times. This includes:

  1. Completing all sections of the form and checking the important information.
  2. The number of requests you’re submitting for Wrap accounts may impact your processing time.
  3. Consider the impact of submitting requests during the monthly fee run for Wrap switches, Pension updates, Closures and Fee amendments.
  4. We may need to contact you or your clients to verify the request.
  5. Using Request Centre to submit your request. 

We've added more managed investments for you to choose from

The choice of managed investments and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New Managed investments (1 November 2021)

Fund name  APIR Code

Charter Hall Direct Long WALE Fund*


ECP Growth Companies Fund**


Walter Scott Emerging Markets No.1 Fund**


Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions**


Pengana High Conviction Property Securities Fund**


Perennial Better Future Trust**


PM CAPITAL Enhanced Yield Fund - CLASS B**


Fortlake Real Income Fund**


Fortlake Real Higher Income Fund**


Ruffer Total Return International - Australia Fund**


Redcape Hotel Group**



New Wholesale Managed Investments (IM)*

Fund name  APIR Code

Alceon Real Estate Corporate Senior Master Fund (IM)



Fund like securities**

Fund name  APIR Code

Magellan High Conviction Trust


Monash Absolute Active Trust (Hedged Fund)


Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund


ETFS Hydrogen ETF


Cadence Opportunities Fund


*IDPS only
**IDPS and Super/Pension

Watch and learn our videos on Help Centre 

We’ve created a help centre article, ‘How do I use Adviser Online?’ which contains all of our training videos to help you use Adviser Online and perform common admin functions on our platform for your clients.

We now have a total of 40 videos available.

Request Centre

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way. It’s ready for you and your staff to submit new requests via Adviser Online.

Need help?

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information regarding any of these updates.

If you’d like to know more about Digital Portfolio Manager, please contact your Relationship Manager. 

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