Read more about our Adviser Online enhancements which include our new training videos, easier ways to unlock your account and retrieve your Macquarie ID.

We’ve continued to develop Adviser Online with enhancements being made to the way you unlock your account, retrieve your Macquarie ID and search for your clients and their information directly from the main search bar.  

What's new?

Search by client name and access account information faster in Adviser Online

The main search bar has been enhanced so you can search by client name, as well as account name. After searching for your client, you can now also access a ‘Client overview’ page when using the main search bar.

This new page displays the contact information for your client and lists their accounts, so you can more easily drill-down into the relevant account information. 

You can now unlock your Macquarie ID directly from within Adviser Online

Whenever your Macquarie ID is locked, in most cases you’ll be able to unlock your ID yourself. We’ll also send you an email to notify you that your ID has been locked. 

From the ‘You have been locked out’ page, simply select ‘Unlock your Macquarie ID’, enter your Macquarie ID and your registered mobile number. We’ll then send you an SMS code and once you’ve verified your ID, your account will be unlocked. 

Retrieve your Macquarie ID from the 'Log in to Macquarie'page

If you’ve forgotten your Macquarie ID, you can now retrieve this by selecting the link ‘Trouble logging in?’.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Trouble logging in?’ link, simply click the ‘Forgotten your Macquarie ID’? button and enter your last name, date of birth and registered email and click the ‘Submit’ button.

If you’ve provided all the correct information, we’ll send you an email to your registered email address which will include your Macquarie ID. 

We've simplified our cash admin fees to make it easier for cross market comparison

We’ve changed the way cash admin fees are disclosed for Super/Pension Manager and Consolidator (Series I and II) products on the Fee Calculator.

This change is to simplify our disclosure of costs and to make it easier to compare our products across market. 

Your client's now have more flexibility over their online payments

Clients can now make online Pay Anyone payments up to $100,000 when the payment is verified using the Macquarie Authenticator app.

If you have clients who haven’t downloaded the Macquarie Authenticator app, we recommend they do, so they can benefit from the added security and take advantage of the increased Pay Anyone payment limit. Find out more here.

We've added Morningstar Sustainability Ratings and Low Carbon Designation to the Morningstar fund profiles accessed via Macquarie Wrap

What’s changed?

The Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ and the Morningstar Low Carbon Designation now appears at the top of the Fund Profile between Fund Status and the Morningstar Rating™.

There is now available a Sustainability Info section detailing further Sustainability and Carbon Metrics information.

What do these ratings measure?

The Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ is a measure of the financially material, Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) risks in a portfolio relative to a portfolio's peer group.

The Morningstar Low Carbon Designation is assigned to portfolios that have low carbon-risk scores and low levels of fossil-fuel exposure.

Why have we added these ratings?

We’ve added these ratings in response to increased demand from financial advisers and their clients to understand better, how fund managers invest in relation to ESG concerns. Our investment menu doesn’t currently allow them to easily identify these types of assets

Where can I see these Fund Profiles?

You can access these Fund profiles via the wrap adviser portal under the Resources/Fund comparative performance report link.

Please note there have been no further changes to the report. Access our Adviser Help Centre articles for more:

  1. Where can I find Morningstar Fund Profile information in Macquarie Wrap?
  2. What do the Morningstar Fund Profiles mean in Macquarie Wrap?

Watch and learn: new videos on Help Centre 

We’ve created a help centre article, ‘How do I use Adviser Online?’, which contains all of our training videos to help you use Adviser Online and perform common admin functions for your clients on our platform. Some recent videos just added include:

  1. How do I open a Wrap account on behalf of my client?
  2. How do I process a model rebalance at an account level?
  3. How do I integrate model portfolios with automatic cash management?
  4. How do I run a portfolio review report on my clients Wrap account?
  5. How can I open a Term Deposit for a client I have limited Third Party Authority for?

We now have a total of 25 videos available on Adviser Help Centre for you to view. 

Adviser Online enhancements coming soon

Helping your Wrap clients consent to ongoing adviser fees & services

In the coming months we expect the way your Wrap clients consent to adviser service fees on our platform will change. You can read more here.

We’re currently building a digital solution which will assist you and your business to:

  1. facilitate client consent in line with the legislation 
  2. manage upfront, ongoing, or fixed term adviser service fee arrangements
  3. track consent obligations using enhanced online fee reporting.

We’ll be in touch with advisers who have Wrap clients later this year to provide more information on the digital solution.

We've added more managed funds for you to choose from

Your choice of funds and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New Managed funds (November 2020)

Australian Eagle Trust


Elston Australian Large Companies Fund - Class A


Inspire Australian Equities Fund


Janus Henderson Global Multi-Strategy Fund


Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund


Montgomery Small Companies Fund


Nikko AM ARK Global Disruptive Innovation Fund


Perpetual Global Innovation Share Fund Class A


UBS Clarion Global Infrastructure Securities Fund



New Wholesale Managed Funds (IM)

DS Capital Growth Fund (IM)


*IDPS only
**IDPS and Super/Pension

Adviser Help Centre: your one-stop-shop for common questions and answers

Adviser Help Centre now has more than 800 articles, covering a range of topics we know you and your staff often need help with. The top three trending articles viewed last month were:

  1. What are the USI/ABN details of the fund?
  2. How can my client add funds into their account (including contributions and rollovers?)
  3. How does GST affect the amount my client pays in adviser services fees and the amount I receive?

Request Centre

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way. It’s ready for you and your staff to submit new requests via Adviser Online.

Need help?

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information regarding any of these updates.

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