Read what’s new for Adviser Online, product disclosure changes for Wrap and key information for DDO

In September, we released new enhancements so you can manage your client’s company details, fee information and Macquarie Online Trading accounts all in the one location – Adviser Online. You can also learn about offer document changes for Wrap, effective 1 October, and read key information to help you be prepared for the new Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) that have recently come into effect. 

What's new

No more, calls or emails to update your client's company details 

You can now update your client’s company ABN and/or ACN directly within Adviser Online. This new digital end-to-end experience allows you to:

  • track the process of your request via Request Centre and be provided with an estimated turnaround time
  • print the submitted request and save it to your desktop and/or financial planning software
  •  view the updated company details once completed in the Client Overview page.

Helping you update your Superannuation client’s Direct Deposit Facility via Adviser Online

We recently released our Direct Deposit Facility enhancement to Adviser Online allowing you to add and update a Direct Deposit Facility for your Superannuation clients. We’ve since created a video to help you do this. As a result of this enhancement being released, as of 30 September 2021, we’ve also removed the paper form that has previously been available for this process. For more information on this change, please visit Adviser Help Centre.

A quick and easy way to submit feedback via Adviser Online

Submit your feedback after updating details in your clients Direct Deposit Facility, Tax File Number or Company Details (ABN/ACN) pages via our feedback page in Adviser Online. This page will automatically display after you’ve completed a task in these pages and will give you the option to rate your experience and prompt you to complete feedback fields depending on the rating you provide. 

View your client’s fee information all in the one place via Adviser Online

We’ve created a new ‘Fee Profile’ page in Adviser Online which shows:

  • details of your client’s fee arrangement
  • a breakdown of your initial advice fee so you can see what your client’s pay and what you receive
  • administration and advice fee rates information
  • details of account's fee group
  • a link out to Digital Fee Form
  • values for advice fees with Inclusive GST, Exclusive GST, and Inclusive GST net RITC. 

Macquarie Online Trading (MOT) accounts now in Adviser Online

You’re now able to view your client’s MOT account list and profile page without needing to navigate back to Macquarie Access.

The Macquarie Access portal has been decommissioned

We’ve migrated the last of the remaining functionality from Macquarie Access onto Adviser Online. This means Macquarie Access will no longer be required to manage your client’s accounts and this portal has been removed.  To continue managing your client’s accounts, please visit Adviser Online.

Updated Macquarie Wrap offer documents effective 1 October 2021

Changes to Macquarie Wrap and Vision products are now in effect and:

  • any pending in-flight online applications as at 1 October automatically link to the new offer documents and no action is required from you
  • any Macquarie Wrap online applications where the print, sign, and upload function has been selected and the application form has been printed, will be accepted until 15 October 2021, so long as:
  • the client signed and dated the application before 1 October 2021
  • we receive the application on or before 15 October 2021.

Please note that we won’t accept any applications that don’t meet the above requirements.

You can read all of the product disclosure changes effective 1 October 2021, by viewing the Significant Event Notices (SENs) and Material Event Notices (MENs) here.

Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) are here

DDO is now in effect for all issuers and distributors of financial products that are covered by DDO.

To help you prepare for this change, we’ve updated our DDO Hub to include:

  • An overview on DDO
  • Our Target Market Determinations (TMDs)
  • Information on complaints reporting and significant dealings
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more information, please visit the DDO Hub here or read our article on what DDO means for personal advice providers here.

Keeping online accounts safe and secure 

In the coming months, we’ll be removing the online access for any support staff with Macquarie IDs who haven’t logged in within the past 12 months. This is part of our ongoing commitment to keeping accounts safe and secure online.

If you know of support staff who don’t use their Adviser Online account or may not have logged in within the past year, they may be affected by this. If their online access is disabled and would like to use Adviser Online, all they have to do is get in touch with us to reactivate it. 

What's next?

Access your Macquarie Wrap client’s trade confirmations online

We’re ceasing to send trade confirmations to Macquarie Wrap clients who still receive trade confirmations via email or mail as trade confirmations are available online.

We’ll be sending a notice to you and impacted clients about this change if a trade has been placed in the last year and a trade confirmation has been sent. Please note, this won’t impact clients who hold a Macquarie Vision account.

Learn more about how to access trade confirmations online here, or your clients can read more here.


Instant payments into your clients’ Macquarie Cash Management Account coming next year

We’re working hard to deliver real-time payments for the Macquarie CMA and are targeting a go live sometime next year.

When this is available, funds transferred from any of your clients’ accounts to their Macquarie CMA will become instantly available to use. This means you or your clients can invest their available CMA funds as soon as they transfer funds or, top up their insufficient funds instantly.

As this enhancement is a sizeable work in progress, we anticipate its availability to take place during the first half of 2022.

Watch and learn: new videos on Help Centre 

We’ve created a help centre article, ‘How do I use Adviser Online?’ which contains all of our training videos to help you use Adviser Online and perform common admin functions for your clients on our platform.

We now have a total of 40 videos available on Adviser Help Centre for you to view.

We've added more managed funds for you to choose from

Your choice of funds and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New Managed funds** (1 September 2021)

Dimensional Emerging Markets Sustainability Trust*


L1 Capital Catalyst Fund - Founders Class*


Pure Resources Fund**


Colchester Emerging Markets Bond Fund - Class I**


First Sentier Ex20 Australian Share Fund - Class W**


Lanyon Australian Value Fund**


MAN AHL Alpha Class B**


Perpetual Pure Value Share Fund**


State Street Climate ESG International Equity Fund**


GMO Quality Trust**



New Wholesale Managed Funds (IM)

AU Future of Healthcare Fund - ordinary units (IM)*


Aura High Yield SME Fund (IM)**



Fund like securities**

iShares Core MSCI Australia ESG Leaders ETF


*IDPS only
**IDPS and Super/Pension

Adviser Help Centre: your one-stop-shop for common questions and answers

Adviser Help Centre now has more than 880 articles, covering a range of topics we know you and your staff often need help with. The top three trending articles viewed last month were: 

  1. How do I transfer clients between adviser codes within our dealer group?
  2. What are the different types of signatures?
  3. What is the daily Pay Anyone payment limit?

Request Centre

Request Centre allows you to submit and manage requests in a faster, easier and more secure way. It’s ready for you and your staff to submit new requests via Adviser Online.

Need help?

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information regarding any of these updates.

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