Elect to maintain cover (Protecting Your Super)

Under legislation, we’re required to stop maintaining the insurance cover held through your super account from 1 July 2019, if:

  • your account becomes inactive for a continuous period of 16 months, because it hasn’t received any additions, such as a contribution or a rollover, and
  • you haven’t elected to retain your insurance cover even in these circumstances.

To comply with the legislation, we’re required to contact you when your account has been inactive for certain specified periods and provide you with the opportunity to confirm if you want to maintain your insurance cover.

This legislation was passed to ensure that your superannuation account balance is not eroded by insurance premiums for cover that you are not aware you hold or no longer need.

How to maintain your current insurance cover

If you’ve received a notice from us about your current insurance held through super and you want to maintain your current insurance cover, there’s no further action required. This is because you’ve already made an election to maintain your cover.

In order to maintain your insurance in the event that it becomes inactive for 16 months, you need to make an election. You can make an election to maintain your cover on your super account.

To make an election:

  1. Go to www.investorvote.com.au/super
  2. Login using your Account number, country of residence and postcode
  3. Confirm your identify by reviewing the client information and clicking I agree if this matches your details
  4. Make the election to maintain cover should your account become inactive for a continuous period of 16 months by clicking Yes
  5. Click Continue to view a summary of your instruction
  6. Insert your preferred email to receive confirmation of your election.

You may also make a contribution to prevent your insurance not being maintained.

Please note, if your account becomes inactive again for 16 months following the contribution being made, your insurance will be cancelled unless you have made an election for your insurance to be maintained.

Make an insurance claim

You can make an insurance claim:

  1. through Macquarie Investment Management Limited, or
  2. direct to your insurer.

Making a claim through Macquarie

You can let us know of your intention to claim by email, post or by calling us and quoting your Wrap account number.

You can do this by emailing the claims manager at MIMLPlatformInsurance@macquarie.com

You can also send us a letter to the below address:;

Attention: The Claims Manager
Macquarie Investment Management Limited
GPO Box 4045
Sydney NSW 2001

You can also call us on 1800 025 063 (+61 2 8245 4250), 8am to 7pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday.

Once you’ve let us know of your intention to claim, we’ll contact your insurer and arrange for a claims pack to be sent to you.

We’ll work with you and your financial adviser to help manage your claim and provide additional support where needed.

Your MIML Claims Manager is here to support you through the insurance claims process. Please contact them if you’d like any information on how to submit a claim.

Please note that we make staff available who are cross-cultural to help with translation for non-English speaking clients.

Making a claim through your insurer

You can also commence the claims process directly through your insurer.

We suggest that you keep your financial adviser informed as to your intent to claim such that they can provide support, as required.

The contact details for MIML’s insurance partners are as follows:

InsurerContact Details
Zurich Australia LimitedTelephone
131 551

Zurich Australia Limited Claims Department
Locked Bag 994


+61 2 9995 3732
AIA Australia LimitedTelephone
1800 333 613

Claims Department
AIA Australia
PO Box 6111
OnePath Life LimitedTelephone
1300 555 250

OnePath Life – Retail Claims Team
GPO Box 4148

TAL Life LimitedTelephone
1800 101 016

TAL Life
Retail Claims Department
GPO Box 5380



Make a complaint relating to insurance in super

We’ll work with the insurer to ensure any complaints are considered and reviewed as quickly as possible.

If you’re unhappy with our products or our service, please tell us about it and let us know how you think we can fix it.

If you’re unhappy about how your insurance claim has been handled or any other aspect of your insurance, you can make a complaint to the:

  1. Complaints Officer
  2. Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

1. The Complaints Officer

Please call our contact centre on 1800 899 485 and we’ll do our best to resolve your concerns.

We suggest you keep your adviser informed of your complaint so they can provide support to you.

If you want to submit a written complaint, you can email complaints@macquarie.com or by post to:

The Complaints Officer
Macquarie Investment Management Limited Website
GPO Box 4294
Sydney NSW 1164

We’ll assess your complaint and let you know the outcome, either by calling you or in writing.

What happens after your complaint is lodged?

  1. We’ll let you know the name and contact details of the person who’ll handle your complaint. Your complaint contact will answer any questions you have about the process and explain any relevant timeframes. We may also provide your complaint to the insurer for review.
  2. Your complaint contact may require additional information from you or the insurer. We’ll only request information relevant to your complaint.
  3. We’ll then review the available information and provide a written response. We’ll promptly address any issues identified.
  4. We’ll provide a final response to your complaint in writing within 45 calendar days of receiving your complaint. Our response will provide the reasons for our decision. You can request copies of documents which were relied on in coming to that decision.

In exceptional cases, we may need more time to investigate and respond to your complaint. If so, we’ll tell you that we need more time, and will clearly communicate our revised expected timeframe.

2. The Australian Financial Complaints Authority

If any issue hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, you can lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

AFCA is an external dispute resolution scheme that provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers.

AFCA can be contacted via the below details:

Post Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001

1800 931 678 (free call)



Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice

Macquarie Investment Management Limited (MIML) is a subscriber to the Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice (Code).

You can find a copy of the Code here.

You can access general information on the Code here.

MIML requires that all its insurance partners (Zurich, AIA, OnePath, and TAL) are subscribers to the Life Insurance Code of Practice (Life Code). You can find a copy of the Life Code here.

For further information on the Life Code, please see the Financial Services Council (FSC) website.

The Life Code Compliance Committee (LCCC) monitors compliance with the Life Code. You can read more about their role here.

Assistance for non-English speakers

If you need assistance when contacting us, we make cross-cultural staff available to help with translation for non-English speaking clients.

We’d suggest you seek the assistance of a financial adviser to help answer any queries you may have about insurance, investments and superannuation.

In addition to a financial adviser, you can also get support from Financial Counselling Australia. This national organisation provide free, independent and confidential service Australia wide to help people who are in financial difficulty.

Learn more about insurance in superannuation

There are multiple resources where you can get more information on insurance in superannuation.

Please see here for information about the Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice.

We encourage you to have a discussion with your financial adviser and look at the website(s) of our panel insurers TALAIAOnePath and Zurich.

External resources

There are a variety of external resources that you can use to help better your understanding of superannuation funds and the role of insurance.

  • The Australian Government’s MoneySmart website provides information on life insurance and the claims process
  • The Financial Services Council (FSC) website is an excellent resource for information on insurance in superannuation. For more information about life insurance, see their page here

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) website is a great resource for information on current developments in the superannuation and insurance space. You can find more here.

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