How do split home loans work?

A split loan allows you to divide your home loan so you can allocate a portion to have a fixed interest rate and the remainder a variable interest rate. It combines the features of a fixed and variable loan rate, with the fixed portion protecting you from potential rate rises and the variable portion giving you the flexibility to make extra repayments and benefit from possible rate reductions.

This calculator will help you compare what your repayments will be if you have a fixed rate for all or some of your home loan.

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Additional information

Use the split rate loan calculator to determine if fixing a portion of your loan balance, and keeping the remainder as a variable rate is right for you.

The split loan calculator enables you to input a different rate for the variable and fixed portion of your loan. The final output are your indicative repayment amounts, which are split by the fixed repayment (the repayment based on the fixed proportion of the loan) and the variable repayment (the proportion calculated based on an estimated variable interest rate). The total repayment is the sum of both of these. The yearly breakdown can show you the total amount of interest and principal scheduled to be repaid each year for the loan period.

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