Opening a Macquarie Cash Management Account in three easy steps

A Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) is the centre of your investment portfolio. It allows you to move funds in and out within an environment of complete visibility and control. The Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) can be a good choice for consolidating your cash and establishing an efficient cash flow management system.

Opening an account

  1. Ensure you read the Product Information Statement before making any decisions
  2. Complete an online application - we verify you electronically where possible and you can submit the application online, meaning you won't need to sign or send any paper work. Some applicants may be required to provide additional documentation or download a paper application depending on the account type
  3. Make your initial deposit by either:
    • funds transfer through internet banking, including BPAY® or phone (you will need to initiate this through your current banking platform)
    • depositing a cheque at any NAB branch using your personalised deposit slip which will be mailed out to you.

Accounts with multiple account holders

All joint account holders must approve the application form to set-up the account and select the operating instructions. This will all be managed through electronic signatures, meaning you won't need to worry about passing paperwork among multiple account holders.

You can choose 'any one of us to sign' or 'all of us to sign'. If you choose 'all of us to sign', some online withdrawal methods may not be available as they can only be operated by one or two persons.

Should you wish to alter the account operating instructions in the future, you will need to notify us in writing, in accordance with the signing instructions of your account.

Allowing a third party to access your account

You can appoint another person, financial services professional, such as a financial adviser, or financial services company, such as a stockbroking firm, to have access to your account. The easiest way to do this is by nominating them on the online application, where you can select up to 10 at a time. Control the level of authority they have on the account by nominating them for the following rights:

  • account enquiry
  • fee authority – enables a third party, like your financial adviser, to withdraw their fees from your account
  • government/tax payment authority –a third party to make payments on your behalf to certain government departments
  • general withdrawal – enables a third party to make withdrawals from your account for any purpose
  • authorised signatory – enables a third party to have general withdrawal authority access and close or make changes to your account, such as changing your contact details, but not changes to signing authorities or appointing other third parties.

To find out more about opening a new account, call 1800 806 310 to speak with a Macquarie specialist.

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