MKIF lodges preliminary prospectus with the FSS in Korea

21 February 2006


Macquarie Bank Limited notes that the Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund (“MKIF”), formerly known as the Korean Road Infrastructure Fund, today lodged with the Financial Supervisory Service (“FSS”) a preliminary prospectus for an initial public offering and listing of common shares on the Stock Market Division of the Korea Exchange (“KRX”).

MKIF is looking to raise new capital of KRW 500 billion through the initial public offering in Korea (“Domestic Offering”) and concurrent offering of global depositary shares ("GDSs”) to international institutional investors outside Korea ("International Offering”).MKIF intends to make an application for the GDSs to be listed on the Professional Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange (“PSM”).

About the Domestic Offering

The Domestic Offering will consist of ordinary shares, which will be marketed to institutional and retail investors in Korea at a price range of between KRW 6,800 to 8,250 per share. The indicative timetable for the Domestic Offering targets listing of MKIF shares on the KRX on 15 March 2006.

Concurrent International Offering of GDSs

The International Offering will consist of GDSs, which will be marketed to institutional investors outside Korea at an initial price per GDS which will be set at the time the price for the Domestic Offering is set. Listing and trading of the GDS on the PSM is expected to occur on 14 March, 2006, one day prior to the date of listing of MKIF shares on the KRX.

The actual timing of events related to the Domestic Offering and International Offering, as well as the number and pricing of shares and GDSs sold, may vary subject to a number of factors, including market conditions.

The Macquarie Group’s Interest in MKIF and MSIAM

Listing Performance Fee

Under a Management Agreement executed between MKIF and MSIAM in December 2002, the listing of MKIF will trigger a performance fee calculation. The performance fee is calculated as a proportion of the value created for MKIF’s existing shareholders. To the extent there is a performance fee payable, it will be payable by MKIF to MSIAM.

For the purposes of illustration only, MKIF has estimated that the range of the listing performance fee payable to MSIAM is approximately KRW 69 billion to KRW 136 billion, based on the pricing range of the domestic offer and the performance fee calculation methodology outlined in the preliminary prospectus. There can be no assurance that the actual amount of the listing performance fee will be within the range estimated, as the amount of the fee will depend on the date of listing, the distributions received prior to listing and other factors.

As a shareholder of MSIAM, the Macquarie Group will be entitled to a 50% share of any such listing performance fee payment (after payment of tax in Korea). The timing of recognition by the Macquarie Group of its portion of the listing performance fee will depend on the timing of the listing.

Macquarie Group Shareholding in MKIF

The Macquarie Group holds an interest in MKIF. It will be subject to a lock-up with respect of its interest in MKIF for a period of 12 months after the offering is completed. Any profit on the Macquarie Group's holding in MKIF will only be recognised should its interest be sold.

Underwriting Syndicate

MBL is acting as global co-ordinator and a joint lead manager and bookrunner of the International Offering and Macquarie Securities Limited, Seoul Branch (“MSL”) is acting as a joint lead manager and underwriter of the Domestic Offering. Each of MBL and MSL are entitled to receive fees for acting in this capacity. The size of these fees depends on the total size of the offering and the arrangements between all members of the MKIF underwriting syndicate.

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