Macquarie Bank announces enhancements to its Portfolio Loan "Macquarie One"

04 July 2006

Sydney: Macquarie Bank Limited (“Macquarie”) today announced a major enhancement to its innovative portfolio loan facility “Macquarie ONE”.

Macquarie ONE clients can now draw unlimited funds online* daily from their loan facility (up to their approved limit) following introduction of an Unlimited Draw-down Feature, believed to be an Australian first in the market.

“With Macquarie ONE, clients can now access their money online 24 x 7, make as many transactions as they want every month, and with no limit on the amount they can draw daily – all for a flat fee of $30.00 per month,” says Macquarie Business Banking Division Director, Dean Firth.

“When you combine these features with the fact clients can use any mix of commercial, industrial, retail and residential property as security, then we believe Macquarie ONE is arguably the most flexible and innovative portfolio loan available to Australian investors.”

Launched by Macquarie Bank in 2002, Macquarie ONE is a flexible portfolio loan that allows investors to unlock the equity in their property portfolio for a wide range of investment purposes – including all property types, direct equities and managed funds.

Other features include:

  • Properties can be substituted as security** as they are bought and sold with no need to re-apply for a new loan;
  • Investors can borrow under any number of pre-determined entities (such as trusts, company or individual names) so they can keep each loan account in the entity that best suits their financial strategies;
  • Sub-loans within the portfolio loan are unlimited;
  • Investors can elect to pay interest only for the life of the loan (and each sub-loan can either be fixed or variable).

“Australian investors are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Five years ago our clients’ average property portfolios would have consisted of residential investment properties in different suburbs and States. Today their portfolios feature a diversified mix of property types from commercial to retail,” Mr Firth says.

“We developed Macquarie ONE to enable our clients to unlock the equity in their diversified property portfolios and quickly, and easily, pursue investment opportunities in whatever asset class they may want.”

*For approved product (excludes the HomeONE facility) and subject to MBL standard credit approval.
**Substitution of property is both limited to certain types of property and is subject to due diligence and credit approval.

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