Macquarie Group Limited (MQG)

Corporate Action - In-specie distribution & share consolidation 2014

Version 1.0 March 2014

Dividend component

Return of capital component


Share consolidation of MQG


Treatment on disposal


Allocation - One stapled security in Sydney Airports (SYD) for every one share held in Macquarie Group Limited (MQG) on the record date. Each SYD stapled security comprises one unit in Sydney Airport Trust 1 (SAT1) and one share in Sydney Airport Limited (SAL).

Market value of distribution - $3.73 per SYD stapled security received.

Cost base of SYD - $3.73 per SYD stapled security.

Dividend component - 31% of the distribution. Equal to $1.1563 per MQG held on the record date (on a pre consolidated basis).

Capital return component - 69% of the distribution. Equal to $2.5737 per MQG held on the record date (on a pre consolidated basis).

Cash received in CMA - Nil. Dividend and capital return components paid as an in-specie distribution of property (the SYD stapled securities).

Record date - 20 December 2013.

Acquisition date of SYD - 13 January 2014.

Impact on MQG shares - Total cost base reduced by $2.5737 per MQG held (on a pre consolidated basis).

Share consolidation - On 23 December 2013, every one MQG share held was consolidated into 0.9438 MQG shares (rounded up to the nearest whole share).

For further information, please see the fact facts document Macquarie Group Limited - in-specie distribution and share consolidation

Note: The calculator will report on a single parcel basis, therefore MQG shareholders that hold more than one parcel of MQG shares should use the calculator separately for each parcel they hold.

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