Anti-money laundering

What you need to know

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 and related rules (AML/CTF) require reporting entities, such as Macquarie, to establish and maintain an AML/CTF Program to identify, manage and mitigate the money laundering and terrorism financing risks associated with Macquarie’s products, customers, delivery channels and jurisdictions. This includes carrying out a procedure that verifies a customer’s identity before providing a designated service to the customer (Customer Identification Procedures or CIP).
You should refer to the Product Disclosure Document for more information about how to apply, including the identification information which you are required to submit together with your application form.

For some products, we require that you provide us with the identification form developed by the Financial Services Council and the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited (FSC/FPA Form). Please check the relevant product document to see if this is the case.

Please refer to the Financial Services Council (FSC) and the Financial Planning Association to access the FSC/FPA forms. You will need your FPA member ID.

For more detailed information on AML/CTF, please refer to the AUSTRAC website.