Account Details

Field Description
Account Number The number allocated to the account by Macquarie Bank.
Account Name The name of the account, including any account title.
Status The status of the account which indicates if the account is open or closed.
Date opened The date the account was opened.
Start date Term Deposit accounts only. Start date of the Term Deposit.
Maturity / rollover date Term Deposit accounts only. The expected date the Term Deposit will reach maturity or rollover to a new term, depending on instructions provided.
Term Term Deposit accounts only. The duration for which the Term Deposit has been invested.
Interest rate Term Deposit accounts only. The interest rate applied to the Term Deposit.
Selected term at maturity Term Deposit accounts only. This is the term that the new Term Deposit will be reinvested for when it reaches maturity, if maturity instructions have been provided.
Facility Number The associated facility number for the account. To view the details of the facility, click the facility number link.
TFN / ABN Status Indicates if your TFN / ABN number has been supplied.
Current balance The current balance of the account.
Available funds The available funds in the account, taking into consideration agreed limits and uncleared funds.
Statement Address and Addressee Information The name and address statements will be posted to.