Audit List Statuses

There are different audit statuses that appear in the Audit List which can be attached to an Upload file or Payment.

Possible audit actions include;

Action Status afterwards Applies to What it means
Upload Pending Auth Uploads User uploads file
Create Pending Auth Payments User creates a payment
Modify Pending Auth Payments User modifies a payment
Delete Deleted Payments/Uploads User deletes payment/upload
Authorise Authorised
Partially Auth
Pending MBL Auth
Auth Pending Balance
Auth Recurring
Auth Future Dated
Payments/Uploads User authorises payment/upload
Authorise Authorised Payments/Uploads Macquarie Bank authorises Pending MBL Auth payment  or Macquarie Bank authorises a late file upload
Skip Payment Pending Auth
Partially Auth
Auth Recurring
Payments User manually skips a payment
Decline Declined Payments/Uploads Macquarie Bank declines a Pending MBL Auth payment/upload
Expire Declined Payments/Uploads Macquarie Bank hasn't actioned a payment/upload in Pending MBL Auth status (by 6pm) and the system automatically declines it
Check Balance Pending MBL Auth /  Authorised Payments/Uploads System checks balances/account status at start of day
Reschedule Auth Recurring Payments System rolls date forward at 6pm on payment date of recurring payment
Payment Missed Pending Auth
Partially Auth
Payments User hasn't authorised a recurring payment instruction by 6pm on payment date
Payment Missed Expired Payments An unauthorised recurring payment schedule is completed
Expire Expired Payments/Upload System expires unauthorised payment
Finish Finished Payments Fully authorised recurring payment schedule is completed