Facility Details

  • Facility is the term used to combine a group of associated accounts. For example, if you have a number of loan accounts these may be grouped under the "Loan Facility".

Field Description
Facility Number The number allocated to the facility by Macquarie Bank.
Facility Type A high level description of the facility. For example, Loan
Facility Classification A more detailed description of the facility.
Account Manager The manager of your account and your point of contact at Macquarie Bank.
Approved Limit Your pre-approved and contracted facility limit.
Temporary Limit Your pre-approved temporary limit which will have an agreed expiry date.
Total Limit The total of any pre-approved limits, including any approved and / or temporary limits.
Current Balance The total current balance of your accounts for the facility.
Available Funds The available funds for the facility, taking into consideration agreed limits and uncleared funds for all accounts in the facility.