25 March 2020

In the current environment, your business must be able to adapt quickly and have a plan for both long and short term disruptions – and many of your clients have the same need to adapt.

With 68% of 30 – 44 year olds agreeing that day to day living costs are getting out of control, your clients need your support to prepare and manage their cash flow in a challenging environment.

One of the key opportunities for delivering impact and helping clients manage disruption is to work with them to effectively manage their cashflow.

But are the right clients getting the cash flow management advice they need? And how can you leverage cash flow management as a tool for engaging with clients who need it most?

We’ve drawn on proprietary research to develop ‘The Cash Flow Management Opportunity. This report that challenges the way you approach cash flow management for your clients, and how you think about delivering value in a time of heightened uncertainty.

You can download the report here.

To support you in providing cash flow management services to your clients, we’ve developed some tools for you to share to help clients understand why cash flow matters, and to help them build a picture of their overall cash flow position.

  • Why manage your cash? Cash flow management is an essential building block for a strong financial foundation. Download our flyer to share the fundamentals of cash flow management with your clients.
  • Your cash flow plan. This interactive tool helps your clients look at their overall financial position, create a personal balance sheet and map a monthly cash flow chart. Download the interactive tool.

We encourage you to share these tools with your clients, and use them in any conversations you have about cash and cashflow management.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with your Macquarie relationship manager or email wealthsales@macquarie.com.