Macquarie Import Payee and Biller Service

Important Information

Please read this Important Information before you use this Service.

What is this Service?

This Service allows you to quickly and easily import your selected payee and biller information from your other bank(s) onto the Macquarie banking platform.

How does this Service work?

We provide this Service with Illion.

You provide your sign-in details for your other bank and Illion will log into your other bank’s platform and import your payee and biller information into your contacts list in the Macquarie banking platform. Your sign-in details with the other bank will not be used by us or Illion for any other purpose, and Macquarie and Illion will never store those details.

Your responsibilities

If you choose to use this Service, you agree to these four things:

  1. Risk of breach of contract: we have no arrangement with your other bank in relation to this Service and so it is up to you to determine whether you will breach any obligations you owe your other bank by providing us with your sign-in details. If doing this is a breach, you will need to consider the possible consequences and decide whether or not to use this Service. We suggest that you contact your other bank if you’re unsure about this.
  2. Privacy: in addition to Macquarie’s privacy policy you will also be subject to Illion’s privacy policy ( ).
  3. Check your imported information: errors can occur when you use this Service so you should ensure the accuracy, completeness and currency of the imported payee and biller information before making any payments from your Macquarie accounts.
  4. Existing payee and biller arrangements remain: this Service will not cancel your existing payee and biller arrangements with your other bank, including any scheduled payments you have set up. You should contact your other bank if you wish to cancel these.