Myer electronic access terms of use

Effective 18 September 2017

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Introduction

It’s a good idea to read these terms of use carefully before you access any Electronic Service. While it’s quite a lengthy document, it’s full of important information, so have a read through before you get started. Just remember that your first use of any Access Method in connection with any Electronic Service will be your agreement to these terms of use.

These terms of use operate in addition to, and should be read together with your Account Terms and Conditions.

Other than in respect of section 13 (definitions), if there are any inconsistencies between these terms of use and any Account Terms and Conditions, these terms of use will prevail.


2. Transactions

2.1 BPAY Payments

You or an Authorised User may be able to make BPAY payments to Billers (which may include us) from your Account through Electronic Services. MBL is a member of the BPAY Scheme and will tell you if it is no longer a member.

BPAY payments from your Account can only be made immediately – scheduled BPAY payments are not available. Some Billers will not accept BPAY payments from certain account types and others may have restrictions on the amount that can be paid by BPAY.

Enhanced security measures may be required for certain BPAY payments. See section 7 for further details.

Processing instructions

To make a BPAY payment you or an Authorised User will need to provide the following details:

  • the Account from which the BPAY payment is to be made
  • the Biller code, and
  • the Customer Reference Number (CRN).

We'll debit the Account you select with the bill amount that you specify.

Once given, a BPAY payment instruction on your Account cannot be modified or cancelled.

If we are advised that a BPAY payment cannot be processed by a Biller, we will notify you, credit your Account with the amount of the BPAY payment and take all reasonable steps to assist you in any further attempt to make the BPAY payment.

When we make a BPAY payment we are not acting as your agent or the agent of the Biller to whom the payment is directed.

Mistaken BPAY payments

Care should be taken by you and Authorised Users to enter the correct amount and Biller details. If the amount entered is greater than intended, you or the Authorised User must contact the Biller to obtain a refund. If the amount is less than intended, another BPAY payment can be made to make up the difference.

If you or an Authorised User told us to pay the wrong Biller we will re-credit your Account and will seek to recover that amount from the Biller. However, if we cannot recover the amount within 20 Business Days, we will debit your Account for that amount. If there are insufficient funds or credit available on your Account you must pay that amount to us. You acknowledge that the receipt by a Biller of a mistaken or erroneous payment does not, or will not constitute under any circumstances, part or whole satisfaction of any underlying debt owed between you and the Biller.

You should check your Account carefully and promptly report to us any BPAY payments you think are errors or that were not authorised by you or an Authorised User. The longer the delay between the date of the BPAY payment and when we are informed of the error, the more difficult it may be to correct the error. You may need to liaise directly with the Biller to correct the error if, for example, because of delay, we no longer have sufficient information to investigate it.

For us to investigate a BPAY payment from your Account that may be unauthorised, you or an Authorised User must first give us your written consent, addressed to the Biller who received that BPAY payment, authorising us to obtain information about your account with that Biller, or the BPAY payment. You will need to include your CRN and any other information we require. If you do not give us your consent, the Biller may not be permitted under law to disclose to us the information we need to investigate or rectify that BPAY payment.

If we make a BPAY payment to a person or for an amount not instructed by you or an Authorised User, and your Account was debited with the payment, we will credit that amount back to your Account.

Disputes in relation to unauthorised, fraudulent or wrong BPAY payments will be handled in accordance with section 12. Your liability for unauthorised and fraudulent BPAY payments will be determined in accordance with section 8. No chargeback rights are available in respect of a BPAY payment from your Account.

Subject to section 8 of these terms of use:

  • we are not liable for any consequential loss or damage you may suffer as a result of using the BPAY Scheme, other than:
    • due to any loss or damage you suffer due to our negligence, or
    • in relation to any breach of a condition or warranty implied by law under consumer protection legislation which may not be excluded, restricted or modified at all or only to a limited extent, and
  • you indemnify us against any loss or damage we may suffer due to any claim, demand or action of any kind brought against us arising directly or indirectly because you or an Authorised User did not observe any of the obligations under this section 2.1 or acted negligently or fraudulently in connection with their use of, the BPAY Scheme.

2.2 General information on transactions

When you or an Authorised User make a payment on your Account through Electronic Services, the following general conditions apply:

  • we will confirm the receipt of instructions to transact (although not the transaction itself)
  • you should check your Account records carefully and report to us as soon as you become aware of any payments that you think have been made in error or which were not authorised (see  section 8  for  liability  for  unauthorised  payments)
  • you should notify us promptly if you become aware of any delays or mistakes in processing transactions
  • you authorise us, and we are entitled, to act upon any instruction received via Electronic Services or a Digital Wallet in conjunction with the correct Access Methods and other terms agreed between you and us
  • we will not be obliged to effect a payment instruction if:
    • it is not made in accordance with these terms of use
    • your Account Terms and Conditions prohibit the payment
    • the information given to us, or requested by us, is incomplete and/or inaccurate
    • we are restricted or prohibited by law, regulation, industry code, or the requirement of a government or similar authority from permitting the payment to occur
    • the instruction is not accepted by our system
    • there is a technical failure of equipment, our system or outside our system, which causes a delay in the transmission or acceptance of the instruction
    • the financial institution to which the payment is to be made does not accept it or delays accepting it
    • your or an Authorised User's right to participate in Electronic Services is suspended
    • there are insufficient cleared funds in the Account from which the payment is to be made to cover the amount of the payment on the day the payment is instructed to be made, or
    • the request would cause you to exceed any daily limit we impose on your Account or your use of Electronic Services
  • we will perform a payment instruction as soon as possible, however we do not guarantee that any transaction we are instructed to make will be made on the day or at the time requested, and
  • we have absolute discretion to determine the order in which we give effect to payment instructions received.

3. Processing times

Immediate BPAY payment processing times

Generally a request will be processed as outlined in the table below:

Time instruction received by us BPAY payment – treated as received by Biller

Before the relevant Account cut-off time on a Business Day

The same Business Day

After the Account cut-off time on a Business Day

The next Business Day

On a non-Business Day

The next Business Day

See section 4 for details of applicable cut-off times.

Scheduled BPAY payment processing times

Scheduled BPAY payments are not available from your Account.


A delay might occur in the processing of the transaction including where:

  • there is a public or a bank holiday on the day, or on the day after, you or an Authorised User provide instructions or tell us to make the transaction
  • we need to verify that the transaction is adequately authorised, or
  • another participant of the BPAY Scheme is not complying with its obligations, or there is a system malfunction.

We will use reasonable endeavours to correct such a delay.


4. Cut off times

Times listed in this section 4 refer to Sydney time.

Immediate cut-off times

The following cut off times apply to immediate BPAY payments.

Account Type BPAY payment
Credit Card 5:00pm

Once given, a BPAY payment instruction on your Account cannot be modified or cancelled.


5. Daily transaction limits

Your daily limit for BPAY payments is set out in the following table:

Account Type Daily BPAY Limit
(note: individual BPAY billers may set their own limit)
Credit Card The available balance of your Account

6. Fees and charges

There are no establishment or ongoing fees for accessing or using Electronic Services.

However, access and use of the Electronic Services may involve third party fees, including from:

  • internet service providers, or
  • telecommunications providers for downloading or using the Mobile App.

You should refer to the relevant third parties for details of their fees and charges.

There may also be fees and charges that apply to transactions conducted on Accounts through Electronic Services. Refer to the applicable Account Terms and Conditions for details.


7. Enhanced security measures

For certain activities on your Account, you or an Authorised User may be asked to comply with our enhanced security measures. This may include when you or the Authorised User make a BPAY payment to a new Biller or sign into the Mobile App using a fingerprint stored on your Mobile Device.

Our enhanced security measures provide an additional layer of security to protect you and us from unauthorised transactions and fraud. The measures may change from time to time at our discretion and include any appropriate method of authentication, or contacting you to verify the transaction or activity on your Account.

Two-factor authentication, often referred to as "2FA", is an authentication process which uses two different layers of security to verify your identity. For the Online Portal, for example, the first layer of authentication is an Access Code and Password and a second layer of authentication is imposed when you or the Authorised User initiate certain transactions or perform certain activities on your Account. This additional layer of security may include, but is not limited to, the requirement to input an SMS Code, or answer security questions.

You or an Authorised User will be instructed to contact us to complete a transaction or other Account activity if any enhanced security measure is not successfully satisfied.


8. Liability for unauthorised transactions

Section 8 applies to Electronic Services or Digital Wallet transactions carried out using an Access Method without your or an Authorised User's knowledge or consent (unauthorised transactions). You are liable for all transactions that are carried out with your or an Authorised User's knowledge or consent.

When you are not liable

You are not liable for loss arising from an unauthorised transaction that occurs:

  • due to the fraudulent or negligent conduct of our employees or agents
  • due to the fraudulent or negligent conduct of any companies involved in the electronic transaction system or merchants in the system, or their employees or agents
  • because an Access Method is fraudulent, faulty, expired or cancelled
  • before you or an Authorised User received a Secret Code where relevant and where the Secret Code was required to perform the unauthorised transaction
  • due to the same transaction being incorrectly debited or credited more than once to the same Account
  • after we have been informed that the security of a Secret Code has been breached
  • through the use of your or an Authorised User's Access Code without the use of a Secret Code, or
  • where it is clear that you or an Authorised User did not contribute to the loss.
When you are liable

You will be liable for actual losses arising from unauthorised transactions that occurred before we are notified of the breach of security in relation to a Secret Code, where we can prove on the balance of probabilities that you contributed to the loss:

  • through fraud
  • by acting with extreme carelessness in failing to protect the security of a Secret Code
  • by unreasonably delaying reporting a breach of security in relation to a Secret Code (although you will only be liable for the actual losses that occur after you or an Authorised User become aware, or should reasonably have become aware, of the breach of security), or
  • where the security guidelines set out in section 9 are breached.

You will not, however, be liable for:

  • that portion of the loss on any one day, or in any period, that exceeds the applicable daily, or periodic, transaction limit of your Account
  • that portion of the loss which exceeds the Credit Limit of your Account, or
  • losses on any Account which we agree cannot be accessed through the use of any given Access Method.
Where your liability is limited

Where a Secret Code is required to perform a transaction and we do not establish that you have, or an Authorised User has, contributed to the loss in the ways set out above, your liability for loss arising from an unauthorised transaction in respect of an Account that occurs before the breach of security in respect of your or an Authorised User's Secret Code is reported to us is the lesser of:

  • $150
  • the Credit Limit of your Account, or
  • the actual loss at the time that we are notified of the breach of security in respect of the Secret Code (except any portion of the loss that may exceed any applicable transaction limits).
System or equipment malfunction

Aside from the provisions in this section 8, you are not liable for loss caused by the failure of any system or equipment to complete a transaction, which is accepted by that system or equipment. However, to the extent that you or an Authorised User should reasonably have been aware that any system or equipment was unavailable or malfunctioning, our liability is limited to correcting errors in your Account and refunding any fees or charges that you have incurred as a result.

Account aggregation services

Some companies provide account aggregation services that allow you to view account information from different institutions on the one webpage, or download your account statements. These companies usually require you to give them your Secret Code(s). We do not endorse, promote, or authorise the use of account aggregation services in connection with your Account(s). If you disclose any Secret Code(s) to another person, you will be liable for any transactions on your Account(s) made by that person using that Secret Code(s). Refer to section 9 (Security) for more information.


9. Security

Security and fraud

We are committed to providing the highest quality of financial services within a trusted environment. Please read the Security and Fraud statement, which can be accessed from the Important Information link, to find out more.

Equipment security

You and your Authorised Users must take all reasonable steps to protect the security of your respective computer hardware and software, and Mobile Device. Reasonable steps include:

  • for computer hardware and software:
    • protecting your computer from viruses and maintaining passwords, and
  • for a Mobile Device:
    • setting Mobile Device Passcodes and ensuring Mobile Device Passcodes are kept secret, secure and not shared with anyone else, and
    • ensuring that only your fingerprint or your Authorised User(s) fingerprint is stored on the owners’ Mobile Device (as applicable) where you or your Authorised User(s) have elected to access the Mobile App and/or a Digital Wallet with a fingerprint. We will treat any transactions performed using a fingerprint stored on the Mobile Device as authorised by the Account holder and you will be responsible for them.

You and your Authorised Users should log out from Electronic Services at the end of each session.

You acknowledge that, for security purposes, we reserve the right at any time to log you and any Authorised Users out of Electronic Services, for example if you or the Authorised Users are inactive for a period of time after logging on.

Where you or an Authorised User remove some system level restrictions on a Mobile Device by, for example, 'jailbreaking' or 'rooting' the Mobile Device, you indemnify us for any loss arising from fraudulent activity carried out on the Mobile Device, including in respect of your Account.

Security guidelines

The security of your and your Authorised User's Secret Codes is very important, as whoever has access to them may be able to perform transactions on your Account. These guidelines are designed to help you keep your and your Authorised User's Secret Codes secure.

By following these guidelines, you and your Authorised Users can assist in preventing unauthorised transactions on your Account. These guidelines do not determine your liability for unauthorised transactions. Your liability will be determined under section 8 and any applicable codes of practice to which we subscribe.

To protect your Secret Codes you and your Authorised Users should:

  • not disclose any Secret Code to anyone, including a family member or friend
  • take care to prevent anyone seeing a Secret Code entered into a computer, Mobile Device or telephone
  • try to commit all Secret Codes to memory and not record them by any means (including by storing them on a computer or Mobile Device, or any article that could be accessed or stolen along with a computer or Mobile Device) without making a reasonable attempt to disguise them
  • not choose a Secret Code which can be easily guessed including, for example, a Secret Code that uses repeated characters, consecutive numbers, or a Secret Code that represents a recognisable part of your or their name, birth date, telephone number or driver's licence number, and
  • change all Secret Codes at regular intervals.

The following are examples of what is NOT a reasonable attempt at disguising a Secret Code:

  • recording the Secret Code in reverse order
  • recording the Secret Code as a telephone number where no other numbers are recorded
  • recording the Secret Code as a telephone number including the Secret Code in its correct sequence
  • recording the Secret Code as a sequence of numbers or letters with any of them marked to indicate the Secret Code
  • recording the Secret Code as a date (including a birth date) or as an amount, or
  • recording the Secret Code in any other way that can be easily identified.
Reporting loss, theft or misuse of Secret Codes and devices

You or an Authorised User must immediately notify us if it is suspected that the security of a Secret Code or Mobile Device, has been breached. You or an Authorised User must also promptly notify us of any unauthorised transactions on your account.

Please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling us on 13 67 17.

If we are unable to be contacted by phone because our lines are unavailable, you will not be liable for unauthorised transactions which could have been prevented had we been contactable, provided we are told within a reasonable time after our telephone facilities become available again.

10. Third party websites

We may provide links to Third Party Websites through Electronic Services for convenience. Where you or an Authorised User leave Electronic Services via such a link, it is at your or the Authorised User's own risk. The information available through the link to the Third Party Website is not produced, checked for accuracy, or otherwise reviewed by us and we have no control over the information on Third Party Websites or the products or services on them. Inclusion of a link to a Third Party Website should not be construed as that party's endorsement of Electronic Services; nor should it be construed as our endorsement of the Third Party Website. By linking to sites operated by third parties, we are not authorising the reproduction of any material on such sites, as such material may be the subject of intellectual property rights.

11. Suspension and termination

We may, acting reasonably, suspend and/or terminate your or an Authorised User's use of and access to Electronic Services for any of the following reasons:

  • breach or suspected breach of these terms of use, any Account Terms and Conditions or any other incorporated agreements or guidelines
  • where we believe that use of Electronic Services may cause loss to you or us
  • to comply with our obligations under any applicable laws (including any anti-money laundering or counter-terrorism financing laws and sanctions) or a court order
  • fraud or suspected fraud
  • requests by law enforcement or other government agencies, or
  • unexpected technical or security issues or problems.

Where possible, we will give you reasonable notice of suspension or termination, however this may not be possible in all circumstances.

You may contact us to suspend your or an Authorised User's use of and access to Electronic Services.

12. General terms and conditions

Changes to terms of use

We may change these terms of use at any time and we’ll notify you of any changes as set out in the table below:

Type of change Time frame Method of notification

New fee, increase to, or other change to, a fee relating solely to the use of Electronic Services

30 days in advance

In writing or electronically

Changes increasing your liability for losses relating to transactions conducted via Electronic Services

20 days in advance

In writing or electronically

Impose, remove or adjust a daily or other periodical transaction limits that apply to the use of Electronic Services

20 days in advance

In writing or electronically

Government charges

In advance of the change, or as soon as practicable after, unless the change has been publicised by the Government

In writing, electronically or by press advertisement

If we make other changes to these terms of use, we will make an updated version of the terms of use available via the Online Portal and/or the Mobile App. By accepting these terms of use, you agree that our publishing of an amended version will be sufficient notice of any such changes and subsequent access to Electronic Services will constitute acceptance of those amendments.


You agree that we may give all notices and other communications in connection with these terms of use electronically. We will do so by:

  • emailing them to your last known email address or sending them through SMS to your last known mobile telephone number, or
  • making them available through the Online Portal and/or the Mobile App.

You should check your emails and SMS messages as well as login to Electronic Services regularly.

Updating your contact details

You must ensure that the contact details that you provide to us, including but not limited to your mobile phone number and email address, remain up to date.

If your contact details change, you must let us know as soon as possible by contacting us.

Availability of Electronic Services

We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that access to Electronic Services is available on a 24 hour continuous basis. However, this may not always be possible. There may also be times when Electronic Services are unavailable from some computers and devices, for example, due to hardware or software restrictions or problems with internet or network connectivity. You and your Authorised Users are responsible for obtaining access to Electronic Services. Specifically, you and your Authorised Users are responsible for all equipment necessary to access Electronic Services. The system requirements to access Electronic Services are set out in the Important Information statement.

Marketing and other communications

You acknowledge that use of Electronic Services may involve certain communications from us, such as service announcements, administrative messages and marketing material and that these communications are considered part of the Electronic Services.

Authorised User access

Subject to your Account Terms and Conditions, you may nominate another person to have access to your Account through Electronic Services. Authorised Users may be able to view, or both view and transact on, your Accounts through Electronic Services, using their own Access Code and Password, or (subject to their Mobile Device allowing them to do so) a fingerprint stored on their Mobile Device. You must ensure that Authorised Users comply with these terms of use where they apply to them. You will be liable for any transaction made by an Authorised User within the authority you give to them.

You may cancel the authority of an Authorised User by giving us notice in writing in accordance with your Account signing instructions.

Mobile App notifications

We use push notification technology to deliver certain information concerning your Account directly to your compatible Mobile Device. You can turn these notifications on or off at any time using the Settings menu within the Mobile App. If you have Mobile App notifications turned on, we may use this service to deliver: information concerning your Account, service or security announcements, advice that a new version of the Mobile App is available, and / or marketing and other communications as described above.

Mobile App notifications are offered for your convenience and, when received in relation to a particular transaction, are not a receipt for that transaction. Depending on the notification settings you have chosen on your Mobile Device, other people with access to your Mobile Device may be able to view Mobile App notifications for your Accounts. We reserve the right to suspend the availability of the Mobile App notification service at any time, on a temporary or permanent basis, without notice to you.


We respect the confidentiality of the information of all our clients. Information that you provide to us will not be disclosed except where we are required or permitted to disclose it. This includes where we are compelled by law, there is a duty to the public to do so, our interests require us to do so or the disclosure is made with your consent.

Proprietary rights

You acknowledge and agree that Electronic Services consists of, and contains, Materials that are owned by MBL, its licensors and other contributors. MBL has prepared and maintains the Electronic Services in good faith and we make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or currency of the Materials. Electronic Services and the Materials (the Content) are protected by intellectual property and other applicable laws.

MBL grants you and each Authorised User a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive licence to access and use the Content. Under this licence you and each Authorised User:

  • is authorised to view, retrieve, listen to, personally store and print a copy of any Content for personal use
  • must not (and must not permit any third party to) modify, sublicense, loan, sell or distribute the Content, in whole or in part, create derivative works based on or reverse engineer the Content, or otherwise use any of the Content in any way for any public or commercial purpose, and
  • must not otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights of any person in using the Content.

Please contact us immediately if you have a concern or complaint or you wish to query or dispute a transaction or an entry on a statement. Please read the Complaints Policy, which can be accessed from the Important Information link, to find out more.

13. Definitions

Access Code is a unique code allocated to you or an Authorised User which identifies you or the Authorised User and when used in conjunction with a Secret Code provides access to Electronic Services.

Access Method means an authorised method to access and transact on an Account via Electronic Services or a Digital Wallet, and includes any one or more of an Access Code and Secret Code.

Account means each account relating to one or more product or service issued by MBL, which you have signed up to under the relevant Account Terms and Conditions which we agree can be accessed through Electronic Services and/or a Digital Wallet as relevant.

Account Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions that apply to the Account you hold and access through Electronic Services and/or a Digital Wallet as relevant.

ADI means any bank, building society, credit union or other authorised deposit-taking institution within the meaning of the Banking Act 1959 (Cth).

Authorised User means a person authorised by you to access and/or transact on your Account(s).

Biller means an organisation which tells you that you can make payments to them through the BPAY Scheme.

BPAY is a registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

BPAY Scheme means a service which allows payments to be made electronically to Billers.

Business Day means any day on which banks in Melbourne and Sydney are able to effect settlement through the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Credit Limit means your Credit Card credit limit shown in your offer document or as we may agree to vary from time to time.

Credit Card means a credit card issued by MBL.

Digital Wallet means an application available on a Mobile Device that allows you or any Authorised Users to transact on your Account and includes Apple Pay and Android Pay where this service is enabled for your Account. Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Android Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.

Electronic Services means the Online Portal and/or the Mobile App as relevant.

Materials means any proprietary and confidential information including messages, files, data, software, images, photographs, illustrations and text contained in Electronic Services.

MBL means Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542 (Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence 237502).

Mobile App means the Myer Credit Card app operated by MBL that enables you or an Authorised User to access and/or transact on your Accounts using a Mobile Device with internet connectivity.

Mobile Device means a mobile phone, tablet or other type of personal electronic device.

Mobile Device Passcode means any security mechanism used to unlock your Mobile Device including a password, mobile pin, biometric method or pattern.

Online Portal means the online secure service operated by MBL available at which enables you or an Authorised User to access and/or transact on your Accounts over the internet.

Password means a security password which is issued by us, or selected by you or an Authorised User, which enables access to the Online Portal.

PIN means the optional four-digit code selected by you or an Authorised User for accessing the Mobile App on a Mobile Device, without inputting an Access Code and Password each time.

Secret Code means individually and collectively any Access Method which we require you or an Authorised User to keep secret, including any Password, PIN, SMS Code and Mobile Device Passcode.

SMS Code means a code we send by short messaging service (SMS) to your or an Authorised User's mobile phone.

Third Party Website means a website relating to a product or service which is not our product or service, but which may be displayed and accessible through Electronic Services.

we or us means MBL and its successors and assigns.

you means an Account holder and each of you, if there is more than one Account holder. Any other grammatical form of "you" has a corresponding meaning.