Live chat

Live chat is a real-time, two-way communication channel, available through Adviser Online. It allows you to connect with one of our consultants and get assistance on a wide range of topics relating to your clients’ accounts.

To get the most out of your chat experience and avoid delays, we’ve included some helpful tips below.


Available times

Live chat is available Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm Sydney time (excluding public holidays). During this time, the Live chat button is displayed when a consultant is online and available to chat with you.

Helpful tips

To get the most out of your chat experience and avoid delays:

  • Have all your relevant documentation and questions ready before you initiate the chat to ensure a seamless experience. Please note that our consultants can view the transcript of your previous chats if your message relates to an earlier enquiry.
  • Avoid general questions when the enquiry relates to a specific client account. Please provide as much information as possible, including the account number, to ensure the consultant can provide accurate and complete information.
  • If you prefer to dictate your message using speech-to-text technology, Microsoft 365 and Apple dictation services can help you draft live chat messages.

Start a live chat

To start a live chat:

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Select Live chat
  3. Select the topic most relevant to your query using the pre-chat form
  4. Once you’re connected to a consultant, type your message in the space provided
  5. Select the Enter or Return key to send your message.

You can also start a live chat from the Manage payments page or from Request Centre by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Click Requests or hover over Payments and click Manage payments
  3. Click the item you want to chat about
  4. Select Chat about this
  5. Once you've connected to a consultant, type your message in the space provided. Our consultant will be able to see the request ID or payment ID of the request you want to chat about.

Please don’t share any sensitive information, such as your password, on live chat.


When you initiate live chat, you’ll be notified of your position in the queue. You’ll either be next in queue, or in a specific position in the queue.

Your live chat session will automatically start once a consultant accepts your live chat request.

If you choose to leave the queue, we’ll ask you to confirm before we close the chat request.

Ending a live chat

Either you or the consultant you’re chatting with can end the live chat.

To end an active chat session:

  • Select the X icon. We’ll ask you to confirm.
  • Select End chat to end the live chat, or No, return to chat to return to the live chat.

The live chat can also be ended while you’re waiting in the queue. If you ended the live chat in error, we’ll give you the option to return to the active chat before ending it definitively.

If the consultant ends the live chat, you’ll be notified of this in Adviser Online. Select Close chat.

Minimise the chat button

You can minimise the live chat button when you’re not chatting with us by clicking on the X. To expand it again, click on the chat icon.

Minimise the chat window

You can minimise the live chat window during a live chat so it doesn’t interfere with any content you’re viewing on Adviser Online while you wait for a response from the consultant.
If the live chat window is minimised, the button will display the name of the consultant you’re chatting with. The button will change colour and a new message count will appear when you receive a new message. You’ll need to expand the chat window to view the new message.
Click the – (dash) on the live chat window to minimise the window, and the Live chat button to expand it again.

Timing out

If you or the consultant you’re chatting with haven’t exchanged messages for nine minutes, you’ll be notified in Adviser Online. You’ll then have 60 seconds to send a message and continue to chat with the consultant. If you don’t send a message in this time, the live chat will automatically end to allow consultants to assist others.

If your chat does time out, you’ll see a confirmation page confirming the chat has ended.


Live chat transcripts are available to download in Adviser Online once the chat has ended. Select the Download transcript button in the live chat page to download a copy of your conversation.

To download your chat transcript:

  1. From the Chat ended page, select Download transcript. The transcript will download to your browser
  2. Select the download from your browser to view the transcript
  3. Save the transcript.

Live chat transcripts aren’t available to view in Adviser Online once the chat window has been closed.

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