Why use social media?

We’re using social media to listen to and share with our customers. You’ll see us sharing news, product information, educational tools and stories from our customers and our people. We encourage you to share your experiences and feedback with us online or send us a private message for customer support.

For information about how we operate on social media, please refer to our community guidelines. Our social media disclaimer can be found here.

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Please keep in mind that all of these social media sites have their own guidelines or terms of use, privacy policies and level of security.


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Community guidelines

It’s important to us that we foster an inclusive, helpful and courteous community online. In addition to complying with the community guidelines of the social media platform you’re posting to, we have a few rules in place for comments within our social communities, to protect you and other users:

Be kind

To promote inclusion and safety it’s important that everyone is treated with respect and kindness. We value all kinds of feedback, just remember to treat every interaction with courtesy. We don’t tolerate trolling or discrimination and abusive, offensive or explicit language will be removed. Any repeated breaches of this behaviour by a user may result in them being banned from our social media accounts.

Be fair

We won’t accept unfair or illegal conduct. This includes posting spam, false advertising, violating intellectual property rights, anti-competitive conduct, solicitation attempts, defamation or link baiting. Multiple or repetitive posts from the same user on the same general topic may also be deleted. We reserve the right to ban users from our social media accounts for these breaches.

Be safe

For your own protection you should never publicly post any personal or confidential information such as your Macquarie ID, phone number, email or passwords. We may ask for your email or phone number via private messaging to help assist with account enquiries but we’ll never ask for other personal identifying information via social media.

Any posts which violate our community guidelines will be removed. If you have any questions about something you’ve seen on our social media pages you can reach us through any of the accounts listed above, or email us at yourfeedback@macquarie.com