What you can access

With Macquarie Online Trading, you can access:

  • Australian listed stocks
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Managed Funds (via mFund)
  • Exchange Traded Options (ETOs)
  • Warrants

For instructions on how to use Macquarie Online Trading, watch this video or refer to the relevant section below.

Place a single order

You can trade with Macquarie Online Trading: Single Order by visiting trading.macquarie.com.au and logging in with your Macquarie ID and Password. 

To buy or sell, click on the buy/sell icon on the left-hand menu. This will bring up the order pad where you can buy and sell shares and managed funds. Complete the order pad with:

  1. Order Type: Single
  2. Client: The account you’d like to trade on 
  3. Select Buy or Sell 
  4. Type the 3-digit ASX Code that you’d like to buy or sell and select the ASX code from the drop down. You also have the option to view market depth by clicking on the Market Depth hyperlink 
  5. Select the Quantity or Value*
  6. Select the Price options of either Limit** or Market to Limit***
  7. Once you’ve completed the order form and ensured it’s correct, click Next
  8. Review the order and input your 4-digit PIN to place the trade. If you don’t know your trading PIN, please call 1800 098 648.

*Minimum Order: If you do not have an existing shareholding in the security, the minimum marketable parcel you need to buy is $500 worth of shares, excluding brokerage. You can then subsequently increase your holding by purchasing less than $500 worth of shares. 

**Limit: A limit order is where a maximum price is set in a buy order or a minimum price is set on a sell order. If a buy limit price is placed higher than the current best sell price, the order will execute at the best sell price currently in the market. If a sell limit price is placed lower than the best buy price, the order will execute at the best buy price currently in the market. Please note that if the market doesn’t reach the set limit price, the order won’t trade. Limit orders can be placed at any time but can only be executed when the market is open. 

***Market to Limit: A Market to Limit order is placed at the best opposing offer when buying shares, or the best opposing bid when selling shares. If there are insufficient shares in the market to complete your order, the trading balance of your order will remain on the market at the best opposing bid/ask price until more buyers or sellers come in at that price. 

Place a multiple order

Multiple orders allow you to buy or sell multiple shares for one or multiple accounts at the same time. 

To use the multiple order functionality, go to trading.macquarie.com.au and log in with your Macquarie ID and Password. Complete the order pad with:

  1. Order Type: Multiple 
  2. To add a new order, click the + on the left of the client number 
  3. You can trade the same or different assets across one or many clients that you have access to 
  4. This will bring up an order template instruction where you select:
    • Buy or Sell
    • ASX Code
    • Quantity or Value
    • Limit or Market
    • GTC or Day
  5. Once you’ve completed the order form and ensured it’s correct, click Next 
  6. Review the order and input your 4-digit PIN to place the trade.  If you don’t know your trading PIN, please call 1800 098 648.

Get a new trading pin

When you set up your first Macquarie Online Trading (MOT) account, you’ll be issued a trading PIN via email once the account is opened. This PIN is used to authenticate trades within the MOT website. 

The PIN numbers are linked to your Macquarie ID meaning if you have multiple MOT accounts under your Macquarie ID, you will use the same PIN for each account.  

If you’ve forgotten your trading PIN, please call 1800 098 648 and we can reissue you a new PIN.

View, amend or cancel an order

To view an order on our website :

  1. Log into trading.macquarie.com.au and select Accounts from the top menu bar and select Orders.

To amend your order on our website:

  1. Choose the order you wish to amend in the Open orders section of the Orders page
  2. Make the required change (e.g. quantity, price or order validity).

To only amend the price of a partially filled order, leave the quantity unchanged. Our platform can recognise any partially filled amounts and only amend the amount that’s still unfilled in the market. 

To cancel an outstanding order on the website:

  1. Choose the order you wish to cancel in the Open orders section of the Orders page
  2. Select Cancel.

There are no extra charges to amend or cancel orders.

View a client's portfolio

  1. Log in to trading.macquarie.com.au with your Macquarie ID and password
  2. Select portfolio on the left hand side.

Create, edit, or delete a watchlist

Watchlists are available for Macquarie Online Trading. You can set up a watchlist of ASX listed securities to keep track of key indicators such as price and price changes, traded volume, and dividend yield. 
To add or delete a share from a watchlist in Macquarie Online Trading:

  1. Navigate to Macquarie Online Trading via one of two options:
    • Log into Macquarie Online, select Investments, and select Macquarie Online Trading, or
    • Navigate to trading.macquarie.com.au
  2. Select the Watchlists tab in the Watch – Analysis section at the bottom of the Home screen
  3. To add a share, enter the ASX share code in the securities box and select the + icon
  4. To delete a share, select the X icon at the end of the share row.

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