Payment cut-off times

All times listed in this section refer to Sydney time (AEST/AEDT). Business Day means any weekday except for Australian national public holidays.

Standard cut-off times

The cut-off times for payments depends on the type of payment you are making, as shown below. For funds to be processed within the processing times, payment instructions must be fully approved by the relevant authoriser(s) for the account and (if required) us before this time:

All payments (excluding those noted below)By 6:30pm (Sydney time)
Bank cheques and Telegraphic Transfers (International and Domestic)
By 3.00pm (Sydney time)

If you're collecting a bank cheque from a nominated Macquarie office, please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours for bank cheque processing from request approval before arrival.

Sometimes we may not act on a payment request because we need to validate the authenticity of the request or the person requesting it – in these circumstances there may be payment processing delays.

Changing or cancelling a scheduled payment – cut-off time

To change or cancel a scheduled payment, the change must be made before 11:59pm (Sydney time) on the Business Day before the next payment is due.

Payment processing times

Pay Anyone payments and BPAY payments (including ABA and BPAY files)

Generally, a request will be processed as outlined in the table below:

Time payment request received by usTime processed by usBPAY®  payment – treated as received by Biller
Before the cut-off time on a Business DayThe same day or next Business DayWithin two Business Days
After the cut-off time on a Business DayWithin two Business DaysWithin three Business Days
On a non-Business DayWithin two Business DaysWithin three Business Days

Pay Anyone payment 
means a payment that can be made through Electronic Banking which involves the transfer of funds from an account to another account held with Macquarie, or to an account held with another financial institution in Australia. This appears as ‘Single Pay’ in the MBO platform, and also includes upload options (e.g., ABA file payments).

If you have scheduled an ABA file payment to be processed on a date in the future, funds won’t be withdrawn until that date. You must have funds in your nominated account(s) on the scheduled date otherwise the file payment may not be processed.

Scheduled payments

Scheduled payments will be debited to and processed from your account as outlined in the table below:

When the payment is scheduled for

Pay Anyone payment – time processed by us

BPAY payment – treated as received by Biller

Business Day

The same day or next Business Day

Within two Business Days

Non-Business Day

Within two Business Days

Within three Business Days

On a Business Day, funds will be debited from your account on the scheduled day. On a non-Business Day, funds will be debited from your account the following Business Day or on the Business Day you have selected when setting up the payment.

Telegraphic Transfers (International and Domestic)

If the payment request is received by us before the cut-off time:

  • it will be processed the same day; and
  • Domestic Telegraphic Transfers will be received by the destination bank on the same day.

Otherwise, the request will be processed the next Business Day.

International Telegraphic Transfers may take up to four Business Days to be received by the payee, depending on the destination country and number of other financial institutions involved.


A delay might occur in the processing of the payment where:

  • there is a public or a bank holiday on the day, or on the day after, you provide instructions or tell us to make the transaction;
  • we need to verify that the transaction is adequately authorised, including taking any additional steps we deem reasonably necessary such as calling the Account holder or an Office Holder;
  • we need to take extra steps to ensure compliance with any applicable laws; or
  • another participant of the BPAY Scheme is not complying with its obligations, or there is a system malfunction.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

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