If you’re looking to complete a change to your property, land or title such as those listed below, please call us on 1800 007 722 (+61 2 8245 4383), 8.30am - 5pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday or email us at mortgagevariations@macquarie.com.

You can email us with a brief description of the request. Outline the changes that are to be made to the loan and/or security property and any other relevant information including account details, impacted by the proposed variation e.g, facility number, account number.

  • Substituting my property (buying and selling)
  • Partial discharge (releasing one or more properties from your home loan but will leave at least 1 loan account and 1 property remaining open)
  • Consents for your property (right of way, to lease, to positive covenant) 
  • Consents for your land (subdivision, easement, boundary realignment, plan of consolidation)
  • Add or remove borrower or guarantor 
  • Add or remove a mortgagor
  • Registration of strata plan
  • Change of name on title 
  • Consent to second mortgage
  • Consent to transmission of title
  • Insurance claim.

Please note, that all technical variations are assessed by our credit team and are subject to the requirements of the home loan credit policy. These requests can take up to 28 days to be processed.


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