How to submit a variation application

If you’re looking to make a change to your property, land, or title, you’ll need to submit a variation application.

Your broker can arrange this, or if you are no longer in contact with your broker, you can email us your request and relevant supporting documents to See the relevant section below for the supporting documents you’ll need to provide.

Variation requests generally take 21-28 calendar days to be processed and are subject to a credit assessment

Supporting documents you’ll need to provide

Add or remove a borrower or guarantor

A new loan application is required to add a borrower or guarantor to your loan.

To remove a borrower or guarantor, a full credit assessment on the remaining borrower/s who will be liable for the debt is required.

Documents required  

  • An email with instructions and reason for the removal
  • Completed and signed Home Loan Variation Application form
  • Evidence of funds to complete where a payment is required to be made to the removed party
  • A copy of any applicable Court Orders or Separation Agreement
  • Updated financials for the remaining borrower/s (e.g. two most recent payslips, rental statements).

A borrower can’t be added or removed from the existing home loan in the following scenarios (a new home loan application is required):

  • Additional funds are being requested for an existing home loan
  • The loan is under company /trust structure.

Removal of borrowers is not permitted on SMSF loans and Reverse Mortgages.

Add or remove a mortgagor

Documents required

  • An email with the instructions from you or your solicitor
  • A copy of the proposed transfer confirming if any priority is required to be paid.

Insurance claim

To consider an insurance claim made on the security property for your home loan, we will need a copy of the insurance claim letter issued by your insurer with the claim amount.

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