You can request to increase or reduce your limit on your home loan. To increase your limit, you’ll need to make an application. If you want to reduce your limit you’ll need to have excess funds available in your redraw. Please note, if you reduce your limit, you’ll need to make an application to increase it again. You can arrange this by calling us on 1800 007 722 (+61 2 8245 4383) 8am to 7pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday.

If you have a home loan account with a BSB starting with 182, and you decrease your limit, this will reduce your minimum monthly repayments for the remaining term under your contract (although the redraw funds will no longer be accessible). Please note, this is a permanent limit reduction.

Don’t want to wait on the phone?

Our Customer Solutions phone line now has an automated call back service available. If our wait times are longer than five minutes, you’ll be offered an automated call back to accept at the start of the call.

  • Once your call reaches the front of the queue, we’ll call you back
  • This feature saves you time waiting on hold and lets you get on with your day
  • This service is available for calls received prior to 3pm (Sydney time).

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