Adviser authority to trade

You can give your financial adviser authority to trade on your Macquarie Online Trading account by completing the Macquarie Online Trading Third Party Authority Form and returning it to

Adviser access to data feeds

If you wish to authorise data feeds to your adviser’s financial planning platforms as well, fill in the name of the data feed company in section 4 and tick: Authority over Macquarie Online Trading Account – Enquiry Authority.

Return the form to

Once the data feed is established, we’ll provide the data feed provider with contract note data and holding adjustments data where applicable.

Data feeds available

Macquarie Online Trading offers data feeds to the following providers:

  • Class Super
  • Adviser Logic
  • CCube
  • Coin
  • Supercorp
  • MCompass
  • Praemium
  • Xplan

Execution of adviser-authorised trades

Your adviser can trade on a number of assets through Adviser Online. This means however that some orders may occur faster than others depending on the nature of the asset and the time the order was placed.

We’ll send managed investment orders placed online before this time to the product issuer that afternoon. The process of sending application and redemption orders for several hundred managed investment orders can mean that this process can take some time to finalise. As product issuers have varying cut off times throughout the day, we can’t give assurance that we’ll complete orders before a particular product issuer’s cut off time.  

Proceeds of sale

It’s important to note that price information displayed online may not be the price you receive for the purchase or sale of managed investments. Prices are displayed for the prior business day (or when last updated by the product issuer).

Once we’ve received the units applied for or the cash proceeds from the sale, we’ll process these to your Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA). Managed investment applications and redemptions can take several days for product issuers to process and so confirmation of the units and cash proceeds can take a few days to finalise. Some product issuers also don’t process managed investment applications or redemptions for several weeks. We recommend that you speak with your adviser about turnaround times for specific product issuers. 

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