Closing your trading account

If you’d like to close your Macquarie Online Trading account, please complete the Account Closure Request and send it to .

Received a letter from us?

If you’ve received a letter from Macquarie about a closure or cancellation on your account, read the relevant section below.

Your share trading facility has been closed

If you’ve received a letter from us about the closure of your share trading facility, no action is required from you. We’ll close this account from the date stipulated in your letter as it has either:

  • no securities associated with the trading account and HIN, or
  • is being used to settle trades from a third party such as a margin lender, custodian or wrap platform.

What if I want to keep the account open?

You’re unable to do so. We’ve been evaluating the future of our product and service offerings and have decided that we won’t continue to offer you this share trading facility. 

Macquarie may have other products or services more suited to your needs. To access further information please see our website.

Can I reactivate the account in future?

It won’t be possible to reactivate this account once closed. If you believe Macquarie may have other products or services suitable to your needs, please see more information via our website.

Will I lose online access to my account?

These accounts will no longer be available online. This will not affect any other current open accounts you have such as cash, credit cards and/or mortgages.

What is happening to my linked cash account?

If you have a Macquarie Vision Cash Account, this will remain open and be converted to a Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) after the closure of your trading account. You’ll retain all your account details and history as part of this conversion and be able to link it to your new trading facility.

What if I have shares and/or cash in other accounts with Macquarie?

Unless we tell you specifically, your other accounts will remain open. Only the account we’ve contacted you about will be closed. 

If your trading account is currently linked to a Macquarie Vision Cash Account, it will be converted (as outlined above). 

Any other trading or cash account/s that aren’t specifically cited in the communication will not be impacted by this notification.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at

Your Holder Identification Number (HIN) has been cancelled

We previously closed our Macquarie Margin Loan, Prime and Geared Equity Investment products and respective accounts as well as a number of trading accounts. 

As part of this process, we’re also cancelling your HIN and terminating the sponsorship agreement, which you may have received a letter about.

What do I need to do to cancel my HIN?

No action is required from you. We’ll cancel the HIN and terminate the sponsorship agreement on the date shown in your letter.

Can I reactivate my account in future?

As we no longer offer these products, we’re unable to reactivate your account.  

If you’re interested in viewing our other products and services that might suit your needs, please visit our website.

What if I have shares and/or cash in other accounts with Macquarie?

Only the HIN we’ve contacted you about in the letter will be closed. Your other accounts with us will remain open.

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