Transfering shares to your MOT account

To transfer shares to your Macquarie Online Trading (MOT) account, the account holder needs to complete the relevant form below. If we don’t already have ID on file, please provide a copy when submitting the request to help speed up the process. 
The Broker PID for your MOT account is 2552.

Move an existing HIN from another broker when applying for a new MOT account

  1. When applying for an MOT account, on the Macquarie Online Trading Account details page, select Yes – I have my Holder Identification Number (HIN)
  2. Once your application is submitted, you’ll receive an email with a link to a prefilled HIN Transfer form
  3. Return the signed form to
  4. When opening the account, we will transfer your existing HIN and associated holdings.

Move an existing HIN or shares from another broker or MOT account

  1. Please complete the Broker to Broker Transfer Request form. If you are looking to transfer a HIN from another broker or MOT account but currently have shares in your HIN with a Macquarie Online Trading account, you must select the 2nd transfer option in section 2 of the form and list down the shares to be transferred.
  2. The details at the other broker or other MOT account must match the exact details with us to allow the transfer. If shares are currently held in a different name, the account holder will need to complete an Off Market Transfer Request form (at a cost of $55 per line).

Move shares for a share registry

  1. Shares held directly with a share registry are issuer sponsored shares and they have a Security/Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) that starts with a letter “I”. You can complete the Issuer Sponsored Conversion Request form to transfer issuer sponsored holdings into your MOT account.
  2. The details at the share registry must match the exact details with us to allow the transfer. If shares are currently held in a different name, you’ll need to contact the share registry to change the details before submitting the Issuer Sponsored Conversion Request form or complete an off market transfer.
  3. Return the completed forms to

Once we've received your request, we'll transfer the shares into your Macquarie Online Trading Account.

Transfer your shares to someone else

Complete and submit an Off Market Transfer Request form  to change the shares you own from one name into another. A fee of $55 per holding applies.

How long does it take to transfer assets?

This will depend on how you complete the transfer.

The following timings assume all requirements have been met:

  • Issuer Sponsored Conversion – 3 business days
  • Off Market Transfer – 3 business days
  • HIN Transfer – 3 business days once your MOT account is opened. You won’t be able to trade until the HIN has been transferred to your MOT account
  • Broker to Broker Transfer – 3 business days.

You can find the relevant forms to transfer assets here which will also include any required supporting documents.

Update the cost base for your assets

When bringing holdings to your Macquarie Online Trading accounts, any cost base data from your previous broker or registry will not be brought across with your holdings.

To update the cost base value:

  1. Log in to with your Macquarie ID and password
  2. Hover on Accounts and click Portfolio Manager on the top menu
  3. Click the + relating to the investment you would like to update the cost base value
  4. You can enter either the total cost value or the average price
  5. Click Update.

Change the trustee(s)

If you’ve changed the trustee(s), you’ll need to open a new Macquarie Online Trading account in the new name.

If you’d like to move your holdings from the old Macquarie Online Trading account to the new one, request a new HIN on the new application and complete a Holding Transfer by submitting the Holdings Transfer - Change of Trustee form with the application.

Change CHESS registration address

To update the CHESS registration address for your MOT account, the account holder needs to complete the Change of Registration Address form and return to 
Please note, you can’t update to an overseas address. If you need to update your CHESS Registration Address to an overseas address, you’ll need to close the Macquarie Online Trading account.

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