ESI access codes

Your ESI (External Systems Interface) details are a unique code and password that allows you to share your client’s data (account, transaction and balance data) with select third party providers of your choosing.

Your client’s Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator Account (Accelerator) (product code: CHI) is included in the ESI data feeds which can be integrated in financial planning software. 

Expiry of ESI access codes

For security reasons, ESI details expire one year after they’re created. We recommended updating your ESI details before they expires. See below for details.

Unresponsive data feeds

An unresponsive data feed is usually caused by  expired ESI details. To check the status of your ESI access:

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Click your profile icon from the right-hand side of the top menu and click ESI details.

You will see the current ESI details status, the expiry date, and the date your current code was requested.

If your ESI details are active but you have an unresponsive data feed double check that your ESI details are entered correctly into your external system.

If your code is inactive then you need to generate a new code (see below).

If your ESI details are active and correctly entered into your external system and you are still having trouble, please contact your software provider for troubleshooting.

If you’re still having issues connecting your data feed, please contact your Relationship Manager or Macquarie Adviser Services at

Generate new ESI details

  1. Log into Adviser Online
  2. Click the user profile icon from the right-hand side of the top menu
  3. Click ESI details
  4. Click Generate new code
  5. If you’ve registered for Macquarie Authenticator:
    1. Open the Macquarie Authenticator push notification 
    2. Review the details
    3. Click Approve 
  6. If you’re not registered for Macquarie Authenticator:
    1. You’ll receive a one-time SMS secure code on your registered mobile number. Enter the code.
    2. Click Submit
    3. Copy and paste the ESI authentication code and ESI authentication password displayed in Adviser Online into the appropriate fields on your financial planning software to authorise the ESI data feeds.

Your new ESI details are effective immediately but you’ll have to update any system with the new details before it can begin successfully requesting client data. This will also expire any previously generated ESI details.

ESI code generation not working?

If you registered for Adviser Online before November 2020 you may encounter an error when trying to generate a new ESI details secure code in Adviser Online.

You can resolve this issue by:

  • Downloading and registering Macquarie Authenticator for Adviser Online
  • Completing the New to Adviser Online registration process.

Although you’re already registered and a user of Adviser Online, completing either process will ‘reset’ your Macquarie Access Code. Please note, you’ll need to reset your password if you complete the New to Adviser Online registration process.

You can also generate a new ESI via Macquarie Wrap by selecting Reporting > Client & Adviser > Set up ESI authentication details.

Access for accountants

Your client's accountant may be able to interact with your client’s data in their software of choice.

Set up is dependent on the accountant’s software of choice and its integration with ESI. We recommend that your client’s accountant reach out to their software provider for more information on how this can be done.

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