Open a Term Deposit

You can open a Term Deposit (TD) for your client through Adviser Online. 

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Select Applications and click Open an account and then Open Term Deposit
  3. Confirm your AFSL status and whether this will be for a new client or an existing client. If you’re linking this to an existing cash account, search for the Cash Management Account (CMA) you want to link the TD to. Please note this CMA will be linked for the purpose of funding the TD
  4. Select the account type and the method of application you want to use
  5. Enter your client’s details in the primary applicant fields. Please note that Occupation, Mobile and Email address are all compulsory fields to complete before you can proceed
  6. Enter the investment details including the deposit amount, the term and the adviser distribution payment (if required)
  7. Select the interest payment options including the frequency and the payment method
  8. Enter the details of the account to be debited for your deposit(s). This is also the account which funds will be returned to upon closure of your Term Deposit account
  9. Note: All withdrawals must be debited from an account in the same name as the Term Deposit. This can’t be a Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator account (Accelerator)
  10. Enter the additional details including the source of funds and purpose of the account
  11. Enter the details of the primary adviser on the account and select Next
  12. The final page allows you to review all the application details. If everything looks correct, you can submit.

To edit the details for an application which the Primary applicant has not yet submitted:

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Select Applications and click Pending Applications
  3. Locate the pending application using the keyword search field. You can search by application name or application ID. Select the application name
  4. A new window will appear. Click edit to update details of the application.

What happens next?

After submitting your application, if you’ve selected the online method your clients will receive an email. From here, they’ll be able to download the offer documents and review the terms and conditions. They’ll need their email address and date of birth, as well as the PIN found in the email.

If you’ve selected the print, sign and email option, once you’ve filled out all the required fields, you can now print the application. 

For TD lodgement times, refer to the Macquarie Bank Term Deposit Further Information Guide.

Processing times for Term Deposit applications

Term deposit account opening is generally completed within 1 day.

Processing times begin only when we’ve received all necessary requirements for a request. To avoid delays, please ensure you’ve completed all forms and uploaded all supporting documents before submitting. 

For further information, please see Requirements to open an account.

Applying with third party authority

Your clients can provide you with third party authority using the Macquarie Limited Third Party Authority form.

Term Deposit investment limits

What is APS210 and how does it impact term deposits on Macquarie Wrap?

In December 2021, APRA released guidance on Prudential Standard APS 210 and Prudential Practice Guide APG 210 dealing with liquidity. This guidance provided further clarity around the liquidity treatment of deposits made by Personal Investment Entities (PIEs). Term Deposit (TD) providers across the industry have reviewed their definitions of PIE based on this guidance.  As a result, our Term Deposit issuers are placing restrictions on how much can be invested by our clients in a Term Deposit. This will depend on the entity type and whether the Term Deposit issuer considers your client to be a PIE.

What actions are we taking in Wrap to help term deposit providers meet their APS210 obligations?

We’re reducing the maximum investment order limit of $1,999,999 for Wrap on-platform Term Deposits provided by ANZ and NAB. The limit applies to new investment orders. This change extends to new Term Deposits, as well as Term Deposits that are being rolled over on maturity.

What are the definitions of PIE across the term deposit providers on Macquarie Wrap?

Entity type Term Deposit
ANZNABMacquarie Bank
Individual (including superannuation members)


No limit on aggregate investment (max per TD: $1,999,999)


No limit on aggregate investment (max per TD: $5 million)

Joint accounts
Companies (including NFPs/Charities)

PIE rules apply.

Aggregate investment with ANZ $1,999,999)

Not accepted

PIE rules apply.

Aggregate investment with ANZ: $1,999,999

PIE rules apply.

Aggregate investment limit with NAB: $1,999,999


* Where you’re unsure of your client’s classification, assume PIE for ANZ and NAB, noting NAB is not accepting any company Term Deposit.

What if I want to invest in ANZ & NAB Term Deposits $2mil and above for my non-PIE clients?

Our platform will no longer allow you to place an investment order on ANZ or NAB Term Deposits for more than $1,999,999. If you have a non-PIE client who would like to invest $2 million or more in Term Deposits, you’ll need to place more than one order.

What could happen if I invest in Term Deposits for my PIE clients in aggregate exceeding the $1,999,999 investment limit?

If you invest an aggregate amount of $2 million or more in ANZ or NAB Term Deposits for your PIE clients, these Term Deposits may be cancelled without any financial compensation. Please make sure you’re considering existing Term Deposit investments for each Term Deposit provider before proceeding with any transactions.

What if I want to invest in Term Deposits through NAB as a company?

NAB have made the decision to no longer accept Term Deposit investments from companies.  Any investment in these Term Deposits may be cancelled without any financial compensation.

Does Wrap Online have a minimum investment order limit for TDs?

Yes. Wrap Online has a minimum investment order limit for Term Deposits which has been set at $10,000.

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