Open a Cash Management Accelerator

You can open a Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator (Accelerator) account and CMA (or Wrap Cash account) at the same time or open a new Accelerator account and link it to an existing CMA or Wrap Cash Account. Your clients can only have one Accelerator linked to each CMA or Wrap Cash Account.

Open with cash account

You can open an Accelerator account at the same time as a CMA or Investment Wrap account. You’ll need to select the option to Open an Accelerator account as part of the CMA or Investment Wrap account application. 

What happens next

  • You client will receive an email accepting the product terms and conditions
    • Your client will receive multiple emails if more than one account was opened at the same time 
    • For joint accounts, both account holders will receive an email and must accept terms and conditions 
  • Once the account is opened, you client will receive a welcome email. If more than one account was opened at the same time, your client will receive a welcome email for each account. 

All correspondence is sent digitally as the Accelerator is a digital product.

Processing times for Accelerator applications

Accelerator account opening is generally completed within 1 day.

Processing times begin only when we’ve received all necessary requirements for a request. To avoid delays, please ensure you’ve completed all forms and uploaded all supporting documents before submitting. 

For further information, please see Requirements to open an account.

Tracking your application

For new Wrap clients, the tracking is embedded in the progress of the Wrap application. For existing clients, you can track the progress of an Accelerator application in Adviser Online.

  • Log in to Adviser Online
  • Select Applications from the menu beneath the Macquarie icon and click Wrap pending applications.
  • The status of your applications will be listed on the side menu of the In Progress Applications page.

If you're opening a new CMA and Accelerator account, you can't currently track the progress of the Accelerator application.

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