Rollover from an external super fund

Your client can request a rollover from an external superannuation fund into Macquarie superannuation by asking you to initiate the rollover. To do this, please download and complete the Macquarie Wrap Rollover Authority form.

Your client can also request a rollover from an external superannuation fund by completing and submitting an online form. Search 'Request for rollover of whole balance of super benefits between funds' on the ATO website.

Your client can also visit myGov to view and manage their superannuation accounts.

Rollover to or from an SMSF

From 1 October 2021 to rollover super to or from your SMSF, you’ll need to use SuperStream. To use SuperStream, your SMSF needs an active Electronic Service Address (ESA). We don’t offer an electronic message service that provides rollover SuperStream services. You can get an ESA from an external SMSF messaging provider, or alternatively, you may like to consider appointing a professional to help you manage SuperStream rollovers on your behalf. 

Once you’ve engaged the ESA provider to send through the SuperStream message, they should also provide you with the account details of the receiving fund to arrange the transfer of cash. If your client doesn’t have a Macquarie superannuation or pension account, you'll need to complete an application. You can do this by submitting an online application. 

If you’re rolling over funds into an existing pension account, you’ll also need to provide a dated and signed Pension Update Form. You can find this form on the Adviser Tools page.

Rollover timeframes

Processing times begin only when we’ve received all necessary requirements for a request. To avoid delays, please ensure you’ve completed all forms and uploaded all supporting documents before submitting.

Your submitted requests may also be subject to our verification processes.

Processing times for rollovers out of Macquarie

Expected timeframe: Processed same day to run overnight when received before 11am and where there is sufficient cash to make the payment.

  • For requests to roll cash out of a super or pension account, please ensure there is sufficient cash available in the account (above the product minimum) prior to submitting the request.
  • As these payments are made via SuperStream, they’re generally received by the external super fund within 3 business days.

Processing times for rollovers into Macquarie

Expected timeframe: The request typically takes 5 to 15 business days, depending on the external superannuation fund.

  • Where rollover details are provided on the online application, we'll automatically send the rollover request via SuperStream. 
  • Rollover requests require us to liaise with third parties and other platforms. Third parties may have different cut-off and processing timeframes, which could impact the time it takes to complete a request.
  • SIS regulations require rollovers to be actioned within 3 days of receipt; however, it’s best to check with the external institution if you can see on Adviser Online that the funds haven’t been received, as they could require further information or action before processing the rollover.

Internal transfers

If you’re rolling in assets from your existing Macquarie SMSF Investment account (internal transfer), you’ll also need:

  • an active ESA that provides for rollover SuperStream services for the cash portion of the rollover. To find an ESA provider for rollovers, we recommend referring to the ATO’s register of SMSF messaging providers
  • a Superannuation asset transfer form with rollover box checked for the asset portion of the rollover
  • a Macquarie Wrap Internal in-specie transfer form
  • a Rollover Benefit Statement, relating to the asset portion of the rollover.

External transfers

If you’re rolling in assets from an external account (external transfer), you’ll also need:

In-specie transfers

There are many variables to in-specie transfers of assets, each with their own timeframes and form to complete.

  • To view forms and other guides, visit Adviser Tools and search Internal in-specie transfer or Superannuation asset transfer form in the search bar. 
  • For an overview of our processing timeframes for asset transfers, please refer to How long does an asset transfer take?

Please see our Asset Transfers hub on Help Centre for more information in relation to your specific scenario.


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