Approve payments and tasks

Macquarie Authenticator is an easy and secure verification system that sends push notifications to account authorisers to verify payments and account changes.

The Macquarie Authenticator app:

  • sends push notifications for real-time control to approve or deny online payments made from your accounts​​​
  • provides codes that are available 24/7 without needing a cellular or data network to help overcome SMS issues when you’re travelling overseas. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have complete control over your account activity.

If you need help setting up the app, see Set up and manage Macquarie Authenticator.

Why you need to use Macquarie Authenticator

Macquarie Authenticator is more convenient to use than a token device and just as secure. You’ll stay in full control of what you're approving, and you can bank when and where you want.

You’ll need to have the Macquarie Authenticator app on hand when you’re using Macquarie Business Online to approve payments and tasks.

To find out more about Macquarie Authenticator, you can watch this video. 


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