What is unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money is money from lost bank accounts, shares, investments and life insurance policies. 
Bank accounts become unclaimed after 7 years if the account is inactive (no deposits or withdrawals). Life insurance policies become unclaimed 7 years after the policy matures and is not claimed. 
Macquarie Bank is required to advise ASIC by 31 March each year of the details of each account which we intend to forward to ASIC as UCM. This information relates to the period ending 31 December from the previous calendar year. The accounts are closed and the monies forwarded to ASIC shortly thereafter and are held by ASIC/Commonwealth Government indefinitely or until it is claimed. Amounts of unclaimed money less than $500 cannot be sent to ASIC.

Macquarie accounts that may be impacted

  • Macquarie Cash Management Account
  • Macquarie Cash Management Account linked to an Investment Wrap Account
  • Macquarie Consolidator Cash Account
  • Macquarie Wrap Cash Account
  • Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator Account
  • Macquarie Vision Cash Account
  • Macquarie Vision Savings Account
  • Bell Potter Cash Management Service
  • Macquarie Transaction Account
  • Macquarie Savings Account
  • Business Banking Trust account
  • Business account (formerly known as Cheque account)
  • Business Banking At call investment account

How to claim your lost money

Unclaimed money received by ASIC is transferred to the Commonwealth of Australia Consolidated Revenue Fund but is available to be claimed at any time by the rightful owner and there is no time limit on claims.

Step 1: Find your lost money on ASIC’s Unclaimed money search and record your Original Transaction Number (OTN) to make a claim. 
Step 2: Contact us to confirm bank details and begin the claims process.

Generally to initiate a claim for monies which were held in an impacted account, we request the following: 

  • A completed and signed Macquarie Unclaimed Monies Claim form (ensuring the form is signed by all account holders);
  • A copy of an account statement for the bank account to where the monies are to be transferred to once returned from ASIC – this account is to be in the same name as the impacted account; and
  • Certified copy of photo identification for all account holders. For company accounts we require identification for two company directors, a director and secretary or a sole director. Documents must have been certified within the last 12 months, at the time of acceptance by us.

Step 3: Once your claim is approved by us, we will submit a request to ASIC. It can take approximately four to six weeks for this process.

For more information, please go to for Bank accounts and bank dividends.

How to stop your money from being unclaimed

Here are some ways you can stop your money from becoming unclaimed:

  • Make a deposit - for bank accounts, make a small deposit or a small withdrawal at least once every 7 years

  • Update your details - if you move, change your email, change your phone number or change your name, make sure you tell your financial institution, or other organisations that you have financial arrangements with.

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