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If you’re a representative of the estate of a friend or family member who has passed away and they held a Macquarie Transaction or Savings account, please notify us as soon as you can. You can find information on how to notify us.

This checklist can help you prepare the necessary documents to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Where a certified copy is required, please review our certification requirements.

Individual account

For accounts held in a client’s individual name, we can only accept instructions from the executor, who must first be appointed as the authorised signatory on the account.

Please provide the following: 

  • a certified copy of death certificate or
  • a certified copy of Grant of Probate or all Letters of Administration. Please note if the total investments held with Macquarie for individual accounts exceeds $100,000, we’ll require a certified copy of Grant of Probate in order to finalise the estate. There also may be other circumstances in which we may still ask you to obtain Probate.
  • a certified copy of the executor/s or administrator/s or next of kin/s identification 
  • a completed Individual identification form for each executor or next of kin.

Depending on the executor's instruction, we'll also need the following:

To keep estate account open, and place it under executor administration

We need a Macquarie Transaction and Savings Account Executor form completed by each executor indicating signing instructions on the account.

To close the account

We need a Deceased Estates Withdrawal form or written request signed by all executors. This must contain account details of where to transfer funds to: account name, BSB and account number.

Please note: If you have requested for the Transaction account to be closed and there are Savings account linked to the account, the Savings account will automatically be closed with the request, and funds transferred to the nominated account. 

Joint account

A joint account holder can continue to use the account as usual. For accounts held in joint names, we can only accept instructions from the surviving account holder or their representative.

If all account holder/s are deceased, please follow the process for an Individual account.

Please note, statements will continue to be sent with all current account holders’ names. Alternatively, the names on the account can be updated to the surviving account holder/s by providing the certified copy of death certificate or certified copy of Grant of Probate.

All accounts will be updated to surviving account holder/s unless a written request is submitted outlining account details to remain in joint names.

How to provide information to us

The quickest way for you to provide these documents to us is via email. Please email copies of the requested certified documents to clientservicesupport@macquarie.com.

If you have one, please quote the DEC reference number from any email correspondence. Alternatively, you can send them via post.

Deceased Estates
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