Verifying your identity digitally using NextGenID

Prior to submitting a home loan application to Macquarie with your broker, we need to verify your identity. This is completed digitally through NextGenID.

Successfully completing this step, will enable us to complete our customer obligations and register a mortgage with the relevant land titles register once your loan has been finalised.

Here are some tips to ensure you complete this step successfully:

  1. Use the photo ID that is in the same name as your application
  2. Only take a photo of the physical document, and 
  3. Check your details (e.g. name, date of birth, card numbers) and make edits when prompted.

Preparing to complete digital ID

Once your broker has prepared your application and before submitting it to Macquarie, they’ll start the digital ID process to verify your identity.

To prepare for the verification process, be aware that you:

  • will receive an SMS from NextGen with a link to click to start the experience
  • have 72 hours to complete
  • need a current physical ID photo document ready (e.g. Australian passport or driver licence) – screenshot or photos of printed versions aren’t acceptable
  • need to use the photo ID document that is in the same name used on your application.

Note: An Australian passport can be provided within two years of the expiry date and only if it hasn't been cancelled.

How it works

Once you start the NextGenID experience, you’ll be guided through the process on your phone. Here are some steps to familiarise yourself with the process.


  1. Open the link in the SMS from NextGen requesting you to verify your identity using either Safari or Google Chrome browsers.
  2. Read the privacy consent and if you wish to continue, select the check box confirming you consent and agree to verify your identity and continue.
  3. Select your photo ID document either an Australian-issued driver licence or passport. This document should be in the same name used in your home loan application.
  4. Once selected, you’ll be prompted to take a photo of the physical document using your phone, then select Capture my ID. Only photos of the physical documents will be accepted (e.g. no screenshots or photos of printed copies of the documents).
  5. NextGenID will then capture the key information of each document, including names, expiry dates and document numbers.
  6. Check your name, card and document numbers carefully. You can make up to 3 edits. Some common errors include incorrectly capturing the letter 'O' instead of '0' (zero) or 'E' instead of '8'. When you’re ready to confirm, select the checkbox and My details are correct. 
  7. Your details will then be matched against Government records to verify your ID. If prompted to provide face verification, proceed to step 10. 
  8. If a match wasn’t possible, you’ll be asked to review your details once more. Check your name, card and document numbers carefully. You can make up to 3 edits again. Once you confirm My details are correct your details will be matched to Government records again.
  9. If a match wasn’t possible with the Government records, you’ll be prompted to capture a second photo ID document (e.g. Australian-issued driver licence or passport). Again, check the details and make edits as required.
  10. You'll now start the face verification process by taking a selfie video to ensure your face matches the ID documents. Follow the instructions provided.
  11. Once completed, you’ll receive confirmation that your identity has been verified. A report has now been attached to your Macquarie home loan application.


To support you through capturing your ID digitally, below are some troubleshooting tips that have helped others.

  • Are screenshots or printed copies of my ID documents acceptable - no, screenshots of digital ID documents aren’t acceptable. The same applies for photos of a photocopied version of your ID document. If submitted with these versions, you’ll later be asked to provide certified documents and may cause delays with your application being assessed.

  • When I click on the link in the SMS, nothing opens - NextGenID needs to be opened in either Google Chrome or Safari. When opening the app, ensure that you select one of these browsers.

  • I accidentally deleted the SMS - contact your broker and request the SMS to be resent.

  • I’ve started NextGenID, although realised I don’t have all my documents now - Once your broker sends the SMS, you have 72 hours to complete. You can restart the application as many times as required during this time. When you’re ready, restart the application and complete your digital ID. If 72 hours lapses, your broker can resend the SMS.

  • Has my application been submitted to Macquarie yet - If you’re yet to complete the digital ID process through NextGenID, your application hasn’t been submitted to Macquarie. For your broker to submit, the ID needs to be successfully completed.

  • Why have I received an SMS from NextGen for my Macquarie home loan applicationNextGen is used by Macquarie and other lenders for brokers to submit applications for their clients to the chosen lender. The digital ID experience is part of the submission process. The SMS should state ‘Macquarie Home Loan application’ and the reference number of your application. If you have concerns, please speak to your broker to confirm the reference number is correct.

  • The app isn’t capturing my documents when I take a photo - It’s important to be in a well-lit area when taking the photos to enable the details to be captured accurately. Also ensure the document is laid flat and still while the photo is being taken.

  • My details aren’t correct when the app ‘reads’ my documents - You can make minor edits to your details after the documents have been photographed. If there are too many discrepancies, you’ll need to go back and re-take the photos.

  • I don’t have an Australian passport, only my foreign-issued one - A current foreign passport is acceptable, however, it's recommended to use your Australian State-issued driver licence. Ensure the document used is in the same name as used on your application and you capture the physical document and not a screenshot or photocopy of it.

  • My Australian passport has expired - An Australian passport can still be used for ID verification within two years after the expiry date and if it hasn’t been cancelled for any reason. If your passport doesn’t meet these requirements, you’ll need to provide another photo ID document to meet the ID requirements (e.g. an Australian driver licence).

  • My name is different on my ID documents and my home loan application - Ideally you can provide a photo ID document that's in the same name as the one used on your application. If there are name discrepancies between your ID documents and the application, you can complete NextGenID, however, you'll need to provide a certified copy of your marriage or change of name certificate to your broker.

  • I’ve completed NextGenID, although my broker hasn’t received it yet - allow for up to 20 minutes for your details to be sent back to your home loan application. If your broker hasn’t received the application, they’ll need to contact NextGen directly. Usually if there’s an unexpected delay, you won’t need to recomplete the ID process unless requested by your broker.

  • I’m an existing Macquarie client, do I have to complete ID again - Yes. To submit a home loan application to Macquarie you’ll need to complete the digital ID process. If you’ve previously completed NextGenID in the last 12 months, your broker will be able to re-use the previous ID report to the new application. This can only be completed if your name and mobile number are the same and your ID documents are still valid.

  • Providing additional documentation after you completed NextGenID and the home loan application was submitted - In some scenarios, you may be asked to provide certified copies of ID documents to complete the ID verification once the application has been received. Generally, this is due to either a mismatch in names or if your document details haven’t been captured accurately. It’s essential to check the details captured before accepting the photograph.

  • My ID documents are issued by another country, are they acceptable - only a current foreign passport is acceptable. Documents including birth certificates or drivers' licences issued in another country won’t be accepted.

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