How to view your interest rate and interest charges

You can view your interest rate and interest charges at any time through Macquarie Online Banking and the Macquarie Mobile Banking app.

Macquarie Online Banking

  1. Hover over your home loan account in the account list
  2. Select I want to
  3. Select View Details
  4. All your interest rate details are displayed here, including:
    • Interest accrual
    • Total Last financial year interest
    • Total current financial year interest
    • Discount rate if applicable
    • Interest Rate.

Macquarie Mobile Banking App

  1. Select your home loan account from the account list
  2. Select the I want to button
  3. Select View account details
  4. All your interest rate details are displayed here, including:
    • Interest accrual
    • Total Last financial year interest
    • Total current financial year interest
    • Discount rate if applicable
    • Interest rate.

You can view your interest rate information from previous financial years on your statements. See how to select and view your statements.

How home loan interest is calculated

Interest is calculated on your outstanding loan balance at the end of each day and charged to your account every month. The outstanding loan balance is multiplied by your interest rate and then divided by 365 days.

Ways to reduce the amount of home loan interest you pay

Our team may be able to assist you with reducing the interest you pay over the life of the loan.

Since you settled your home loan, your circumstances may have changed so you may want to check that your home loan continues to meet your needs. Options to reduce the amount of home loan interest you are paying may include:

You may also want to use our Extra Repayment Calculator to work out how much faster you could pay off your loan and how much interest you might save.

Tools to help you save

You can easily manage your money with our suite of digital banking tools, designed to help you stay on top of finances.

Smart savers are using offset accounts

  • If you have a home loan, keeping your savings and everyday funds in an offset account can help you save the amount of interest you pay over time, without having to make additional repayments.
  • You can calculate how much you could save with an offset, using our Offset Calculator.

Macquarie Marketplace

  • Discover a smarter way to shop with Macquarie Marketplace. Whether it’s everyday purchases like your weekly grocery shop, or something bigger like overseas flights, the latest tech, or a new couch, we want to help you save when you spend.
  • Get discounts of up to 10% for use at over 50 leading retailers across Australia.
  • Instantly purchase discount cards from your mobile or online and access them immediately through the banking app.
  • You can calculate potential savings with our Marketplace calculator.

Budgeting and saving

  • Get to know your spending. Each time you make a transaction, it’s automatically categorised into groups such as groceries, travel, leisure, or technology.
  • Create smart budgets for anything in an instant, then see how you're tracking at a glance and over time.
  • Store your receipts and warranties by simply taking a photo of your receipt and uploading it to your transaction history via the app. When you upload the photo, tag your tax-claimable purchases with #tax. You can then run a report at the end of financial year to see your claimable transactions.
  • Search transactions using everyday language by typing questions such as: "How much did I spend on groceries this year?”

Track spending

  • Get the added security of real time notifications, opt in on your device.
  • Set up customised notifications to receive alerts about your account activity, so you can easily track how much you spend.
  • Whenever you make a transaction on your Macquarie credit or debit card, you’ll receive a push notification, so you know the correct transaction has been processed.
  • For foreign currency transactions, the alert shows the spend amount in local currency and Australian dollars. There are also no foreign exchange fees charged by us on Macquarie debit and credit cards.* 

We’re here to help

If your personal or financial circumstances have changed and you're concerned about making your loan repayments, we may be able to offer financial assistance. See Financial assistance for more information, including how to contact our specialist team.

What happens when your interest rate changes

When an interest rate changes on your home loan account, this will be displayed on your home loan statement and in your transaction history. We’ll also publish it in The Australian newspaper.
Your principal and interest repayments will be recalculated. We may email or send you a letter with your new repayment amount before it becomes due.
For repayments that are direct debited, you’re not required to do anything. We’ll automatically adjust your direct debit amount to cover your new repayment amount. If your repayments are made by salary credit or funds transfer, you’ll need to update your payment amount.

If you have a Home Loan account with a BSB starting with 182 and you’re making additional repayments by direct debit we will continue to collect this amount in addition to your minimum contractual repayment amount. 
If you have a Home Loan account with a BSB starting with 183 and you’re making more than the minimum required repayment, if the extra amount you are paying covers any increase in the interest rate, your direct debit repayments will not change. 

For more information, see changes to your interest rate.

*We don't charge fees for card purchases or transactions made or processed outside of Australia but others, such as the banks of international merchants, might.

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