What are investment limits?

Investment limits are restrictions placed on certain investments at the point of purchase. These limits are applied as a maximum percentage of your account balance. For example, you can invest up to 25% of your account balance in a listed security that falls within the S&P/ASX100.

Our investment limits are set by the Trustee of the fund (Macquarie Investment Management Limited) based on the risk parameters of the investment options and aim to provide you with flexibility to construct portfolios to suit your goals. They are designed to reduce the potential for large losses by encouraging diversification and to provide adequate liquidity to meet payments and satisfy regulatory requirements.

The full list of investment limits is available from our website at macquarie.com.au/supermenu

Investment risk analysis of Macquarie Wrap portfolios

Macquarie Investment Management Limited as a trustee is required by the Superannuation Prudential Standards to have in place a comprehensive investment risk analysis program.

Investment risk analysis aims to identify portfolios that could be impacted the most by adverse market conditions.

These portfolios are identified by applying various future performance scenarios and comparing the impact of these on each super and pension member portfolio. The investment risk analysis involves estimating for each account the percentage loss of an adverse market event. We then rank accounts by this estimated percentage loss to identify those at the upper end, and alert you and your adviser of our findings where relevant.

We contact all affected clients as part of our annual super fund trustee obligations. 

If your portfolio is outside the investment limits

If you’ve been contacted by us, this means some investments in your portfolio have been identified as being outside the investment limits.

If you wish to rebalance your portfolio to be within the investment limits, please contact your adviser to discuss how you’d like to proceed. If you don’t have an adviser, contact us on 1800 025 063, 9am to 5pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday and we can assist you with understanding your options.

We won’t sell your assets to bring your portfolio back within the investment limits.

If you haven’t been contacted by us about this, you don’t need to do anything.

What events may put you outside the investment limits

The investment limits are taken into account at the time you purchase an investment through the platform. However, some events may lead to your account’s investments being outside of the investment limits.

These include:

  • The value of an investment changes relative to your portfolio, resulting in the holding being outside of the limits.
  • Assets have been transferred into or out of your account.
  • Listed securities may no longer be available on the investment menu due to a reduction in their market capitalisation or liquidity.

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