Switching from Consolidator or Manager to Consolidator II or Manager II

We recommend seeking financial advice if Macquarie Consolidator II or Manager II interests you. A financial adviser can assist you in making the switch via our online portal and can provide advice in selecting appropriate new investment options.


  • You can’t convert an existing Term Allocated Pension (TAP) account to Macquarie Consolidator II or Manager II as the TAP product type isn’t available.
  • Because the Macquarie Consolidator II – Engage has a limited investment menu compared to Macquarie Consolidator II – Elevate (see changes below), you may need to sell your investments and consider other factors, such as tax implications.
  • If you convert your current account to the new Consolidator II or Manager II product, you’ll retain the same account number and account history.
  • As all account details are retained, any linked insurance will automatically carry over to your new Consolidator II or Manager II product.
  • The BPAY® biller codes for each of the Wrap products won’t change. You can find the list of BPAY billers codes in the Wrap product offer documents. You can find all of our Wrap offer documents here.
  • The Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) won’t change for Consolidator II but will change for Manager II (see below).

You can also contact our team to learn more about how you can move to this investment option. Please contact your financial adviser or can call us on 1800 025 063 9am to 5pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday.

Changes to the USI for Manager II

There is a new USI for the Macquarie Super and Pension Manager II product.

A USI is used to identify super funds and individual super fund products for electronic rollovers and contributions.

The USI for Super Manager II is 65508799106185
The USI for Pension Manager II is 65508799106186

See the Macquarie Super and Pension Manager II PDS for more information. This offer document is available here.

Note: For insurance provider-initiated rollovers, you’ll need to provide your insurance provider with the new Unique Super Identifier (USI) for the latest Macquarie products. See more about USIs here.

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