Cash withdrawals and deposits

If you have a Macquarie Transaction Account, you can continue to withdraw cash from ATMs across Australia and overseas without fees1. However, cash deposits and branch withdrawals will no longer be available from November 2024.

Customers who join us from May 2024 will still be able to deposit cash until November 2024. However, we encourage you to start using digital options as soon as possible.  From November 2024, we’ll be unable to process cash received and you’ll need to request that all payments are made to you digitally.

Please read more at Make and receive all payments digitally.

Cheque deposits

You can post the cheque/s with a completed deposit slip to:

Macquarie Bank Limited
GPO Box 2520
Sydney NSW 2001

You’re unable to deposit cash or cheques directly into all accounts. In some instances, you’ll need to deposit it in another account and transfer the money. For example, Home Loan accounts with BSB starting with 183 do not accept cash or cheque deposits.

Please read more at Make and receive all payments digitally.

Foreign cheques

We have stopped accepting foreign cheques as deposits into Macquarie bank accounts since 1 December 2020. You also cannot use cheques issued by us for payments overseas.

If you currently use foreign currency to receive or make payments, you’ll need to start using other methods of transferring money internationally. We recommend you receive funds from overseas via international money transfer or “wire” transfer.

For more information please read sending money overseas

1. We don’t charge fees to use ATMs overseas. However, you may be charged a fee by international ATM operators.

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